Thursday, June 26, 2008

I told them it would happen

I told those boys it was just a matter of time before she was getting in their stuff. She scooted and rolled until she could pull things off the bookshelf.

Everyone, pick up Legos!!!!


Angela said...

First of all- I just have to say I just LOVE your little baby girl. She is absolutely the cutest thing.

Second, I had to laugh just now when I read what you posted on my site about the veggies and wanting to eat my cooking. You know what we had for dinner tonight after I got my big, huge overflowing box of produce from the farm??

Hotdogs (albeit, organic and grainfed beef), fries, and bananas (I happened to have a "bunch" that I wanted to use up).

Isn't that pathetic??

I so badly wanted to use my veggies, but I didn't quite have the right "other" ingredients to cook up a meal. Tomorrow- though. Anyway, for lunch we scarfed down a ton of snap peas... I practically made myself sick on them! They are soooooo good.

Kristin said...

Hide all the guns and knives and let the craziness ensue! :) (I'm totally kidding about the guns and knives, but if *you* have any, let this be a warning. And if you are planning on robbing my house, I have mean skills with a butter knife.)

Amy Jo said...

We have issues with that very toy at our house too. Sharing is such a fun thing to teach, isn't it?