Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saving Gas

And because I do know how to post pictures of something other than Baby Girl, here are a couple of boys thrown in. This is before we walked to get pizza for dinner last week. We saved at least $0.50 on gas by walking. Too bad we spent $35 on dinner. Baby Girl was too cute with her head bobbing along on the ride. It was my job to walk behind the wagon and make sure she didn't fall out. She ate pizza crust and fruit puffs throughout dinner. When we were leaving Hubby pointed out that most of it was on the floor. I told him it was more entertainment than nutrition. The Little Guy cried on the way home "next time I am going to ride in the minivan..." I don't know why he was complaining (other than that is what he does). It was Hubby that was pulling 100 lbs uphill. I think he was too out of breath to complain about it. I would have told him the exercise was good for him if he had not been for a run a few hours earlier.

Poor Dad. He took both boys camping in the woods last night. I can't imagine the work it must have been. Luckily the boys have lots of practice going potty outside. I'm glad it isn't in our backyard for once.


Amanda said...

Saving the $.50 on gas was well worth it, if only to see Baby Girl's head bobbing up and down through the whole wagon ride. I can just picture it now, knowing how Chloe would look sitting in the wagon with her sisters. :)

Thank goodness for hubby's with muscles. :)

Kristi said...

GREAT pictures!! :-)

I hear ya on the attempt to "save gas"!! Plus, what "family fun" it sounds like you were able to have...even on the journey home!!! :-)

Angela said...

This post made me laugh out loud- the part about baby girl's head bobbing up and down and your job to walk behind and make sure she didn't fall out. I love it! your family soooo reminds me of my own.

Laura said...

The picture of the kids reminds me of a song by Jim Cosgrove, a friend of ours who is a kids' musician. He has a song called "Little Red Wagon."

You can listen to a clip of it if you scroll down to his "Pick Me! Pick Me!" CD

Very cute post!