Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The Big Guy loves a parade. At Disney we will make sure he sees the afternoon and evening parade. He learned quickly how to find the parade route on the maps. My Hubby bought the $12 CD with the Spectromagic parade music and the boys insist that I play it whenever a friend rides in our car. We have our own little mini-parade sometimes. Too bad my minivan doesn't look like this float.

Last year at Animal Kingdom when it was 200 degrees and I was pregnant and miserable, we saw their parade right before it started to storm. The normally 15-20 minute parade took place in super-fast speed and was done in about 3 minutes. We would have been oh-so disappointed had it not been the funniest event of the day. I'm sure it was the ONLY time I laughed that day.

I'll give a full report of our Storm Trooper Star Wars parade when I am back. That is the only parade we will see this year.

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Kristin said...

Oh, I adore that parade music, too. It must be the same genetic defect that causes me to love "It's a Small World" no matter how often I hear it.