Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Baby Boy

I love to see little babies sleeping so peacefully.

This is my new buddy that I met for the first time yesterday. He came a little early and I am glad because his Mama wasn't feeling good. He is just perfect and doing great. His Mom is my mirror with Two Girls and a Baby Boy. She will get to learn new things just like me.

He was a little thing to me even at 8 lbs. Baby Girl was a big fat fuzzy giant next to this little guy. I enjoyed holding and being with him. I didn't notice when I got home that I called my daughter "Baby Boy" by accident. The Big Guy was there to correct me. She's a Baby Girl, Mommy." It sure is easy to fall back in to old habits!

I'm hoping he sleeps this well at night over the next few weeks so his Mom can recover and get some rest herself.


Mary C said...

Oh, those pictures are so sweet. What a beautiful boy. And you did a great job with the pictures! I wish you lived closer. I'd get you to come take some of my clan.

Kristin said...

Beautiful pics! Do you have a studio in your home? Do you have a photo website as well? Guess I'd better investigate your sidebar a bit more... :)

Amanda said...

Too sweet. Nothing more precious than "newbie" pictures!