Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Midnight in My Garden

If you like John Cusack and/or 80's music, you will get a kick out of this video.

That Bossy is so funny and I am going to totally make a movie like that when I get all three kids (or at least two of them) in school and clean my house and finally get caught up on work. Oh, and I have two gift certificates for spa days that I need to cash in as well. But right after that I am going to make a movie for YouTube. Cusack was my first pregnancy crush. I think I watched all of his movies in the 4th month. I'm glad I'm not the only one that watched Pushing Tin (twice).

I'm really going back now. If I had the time and had already made my Cusack movie, I would also have added In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel playing on my blog.

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Flssgrl said...

Say Anything Baby....Gotta love 80's music and I watched Pushing Tin too!