Friday, June 13, 2008

Vacation: Part 2 - MGM

Day 6: After toothbrush was flushed, I loaded all 1,500 bags while 3 other grown ups (not including me) tried to contain my 3 kids. The Little Guy insisted he take my cousin's toys home and I told my Aunt I wish I had some Valium. I finally got back on the road to our hotel by mid afternoon. I called Hubby and warned him that I was in the worst mood possible and his boys were rotten. He signed the boys up for an evening camp that lasted 3 hours so we could go out to dinner on our own. It was as close to a date night as we ever get, I guess. We still had Baby Girl to bounce up and down during dinner, but it was good. We walked around the Boardwalk afterwards and watched annoying street entertainers. A little 4 and 6 year old boy ran up to us to see "the baby" and I felt sad that we didn't have the boys with us. What is wrong with me!

We picked up the boys from their camp and one of them immediately started crying. I thought he must have missed us badly, but no, he was upset because he had to leave. Apparently they had more fun than they ever had before and bonus: 3 bracelets were made for me that are a groovy orange color.

We had planned on going to MGM on Friday (it is officially "Disney's Hollywood Studios" as MGM's contract ended). That was really the only park we had planned to visit. My friend was coming with us and called to tell me that Friday was G A Y day at the park. Great. Just where Thelma and Louise don't want to take their families. We were quite afraid of what the parades might look like on that day. It was actually G A Y week for all of Disney. If I could find my soap box in all the clutter and unpacked bags, I would get on it and rant about taking my young children to the Happiest Place on Earth to see vulgar t-shirts and other oddities. I can't find it right now so never mind.

It was imperative that we see the Jedi Training and Star Wars parade at MGM so we changed or plans slightly. We bought a 2 day pass and decided to go to Epcot first. After we bought the tickets, the ticket lady told us the next day they would be closing MGM early for you-know-what-week. SO, we changed our plans again and went ahead with MGM on Friday and saved Epcot for Saturday. I know, it is confusing. It was a great teaching opportunity for our children. "Go with the flow" was a major theme that day. It was a new concept for Little Control-freak and Big-Routine-Guy.

They were going to Epcot and then they were not.

Unlike the common folk, we rode our little boat on over and had a great time. The Star Wars parade was well worth the wait and Baby Girl allowed the kids to ride a lot of rides twice in a row with their baby-swap policy. She was a little dream baby and easy to tote around even though it was hot as heck. The boys were both tall enough to ride all the fun rides whether they wanted to or not. Tower of Terror gave them lots to talk about and I think we loved the Aerosmith roller coaster the best. Hubby said the laser light show was worth the ticket price. I have it on video if anyone wants to come over and see it (or you could just say you are coming over and we will go out!) . We got back to the hotel around midnight to see Epcot's firework show out the window. All 3 kids were put to bed dirty and were fast asleep as soon as their little heads hit the pillow.


Mary C said...

oh my word. Thank heavens your friend warned you about the upcoming "special" day at the park! That really would have been more education than you bargained for!

Kristin said...

Tell me that you didn't take Baby Girl on the Aerosmith roller coaster or on The Tower of Terror! I am confused (it happens). The tower of Terror resulted in one of THE most horifying experiences of my life. I still have nightmares about it...eight years later. Let's just say that I had to be physically removed from the ride. By a paramedic.

Angela said...

The last picture is priceless...

I love reading your posts. You are so funny. I can sooooo relate to everything you write.

I am glad you got a little date during your trip- too!