Saturday, June 21, 2008

Find Two Teeth

See if you can find Baby Girl's two teeth. She doesn't show them very often. This is your chance because you never want to feel for them. She bites hard!

She was telling me a big story here. It must have been a good one. I wish I knew what she was trying to say. It probably involved eating a Gerber Wagon Wheel or putting up with one of her brothers.


Kristin said...

Or maybe her story was about one of the cutest little girls ever and her wonderfully talented photographic mama!

MCK Mama said...

I see them! I see them! How cute. I remember with the boys trying to photograph their teeth and it's so hard at first because they do never want to show them! Small Fry has no teeth yet...the boys didn't start getting theirs until 11 months, so I think she still has a bit of time with just gums. But your baby girl is so adorable with teeth already! Great shots. I am also sure she was telling a great tale!!

Kristi said...

They they are!! :-)

How sweet!

Kristin said...

Sorry...but I had to add this, Lisa...did you see your Google ad for "Men Bra"??? Apparently, there are 10,000+ to choose from. Who knew?

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! She is SUCH a doll and getting SO big! I've been away from blogging, or reading other blogs, I should say, for a while now, with summer starting and going on vacation. It seems she's changed so much in under a month! And she sure looks cute with her little teeth! :)

Chloe just popped her 7th tooth. Yes, 7th tooth at 7 months old and I know she's working on her 8th one right now. It's those darn eye teeth that take forever and seem to keep them up for all hours of the night! Ugh! I AM still nursing, if you can believe it. She does take a nibble here and there, but she's pretty good about not taking big bites... at least for now!