Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mexican Duck

As promised, another Mexican Sombrero picture.


See the bracelet the Little Guy is holding in the first picture? That is one of the groovy bracelets he made at the camp he went to. He stood in line a long time so he could give one to Donald. We didn't expect him to fit it over his big Duck Hand and wear it all day. I don't think he had pockets in his shirt either (why doesn't he wear pants?). Little Guy really wanted him to have it and that is sweet so we let him go for it. The bottom picture is him trying to give it to Donald. Mr. Duck would look at it and then give it back. Little Guy would give it again...same thing. This went on a few times. Finally I went over and tried to explain to Mr. Duck that the bracelet was for him and he should keep it. So, then he handed it to the Big Guy. It is not easy talking to a Duck. Maybe Disney has some policy I don't know about that characters can't accept gifts, but come on! I can't imagine women are throwing their underwear at them or offering real jewelry, but who knows. He could have tossed the plastic bracelet behind him in the woods for all I cared - just don't give it back. I tried to give it to his "helper" the photographer and he was a dufus too. He acted like he didn't know what to do. The Little Guy was kind of upset about it so finally we just walked away and Dad gave him a big talk about how it is the thought that counts and it was more important that he wanted to give it, blah, blah blah. I don't think he will be scarred for life. Time will only tell, of course.

Lessons to learn: Speak Spanish to Mexican Donald and maybe he will understand or just don't give anything to him in the first place to avoid total confusion.


Mary C said...

That silly duck. Seriously, why couldn't he have just taken the bracelet from your sweet boy? Maybe he was having heatstroke and just didn't have his senses about him.

Kristin said...

I agree with must have been that darn suit that got him all confused; you never refuse a child's present, no matter what it is. Didn't Donald and Daisy have kids?!? If so, then Mexican Donald is a fraud. No parent would have ever done that.