Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To Did List

Things I did today from 9AM-12PM:

Kids dropped off at door of camp easily
Drove home with music (Rick Springfield?) playing loud
Answered my cell phone
Made lunch plans
Parked car and pulled 3 weeds
Watched Ants
Fixed flag
Got Mail
Told Hubby he needs a new flag
Played with Baby Girl
Worked on 3 Accounts for my j-o-b
Sat Baby Girl back up to sitting position
Cleaned 3 windows
Moved Baby Girl to new Toy
Looked at mail
Threw Junk Mail away
Waved at Baby Girl and did silly talk to her
Fixed Diet Dr. Pepper - needed the caffeine
Picked Baby Girl up
Cleaned outside of front door while holding baby
Threw dirty clothes in Washer
Scanned house for dirty clothes not in laundry basket
Started washer
Played with Baby Girl
Fed Baby Girl 3 fruit puffs
Took one picture of Baby Girl outside
Changed diaper
Rocked Baby Girl and put her down for nap
Ate gluten-free cereal (it was good!)
Took out trash
Worked for 10 minutes more on computer
Checked email and replied to one
Took picture of random thing for blog
Threw away not-so-cute artwork by boys from VBS
Put camera battery in holder for charging
Cleaned out camera bag
Looked at camera manual for 5 minutes
Attached new tag to tennis bag
Looked for receipt
Put receipt in shoe box for return
Put wet clothes in the dryer
Paid bills
Deleted old emails
Reconciled bank accounts for the school
Reset the Dryer so it would stop beeping
Restocked the bathrooms with T.P.
Went to pick up the boys from camp

I thought I would list it and decide later whether I was productive or not. Can you tell I do not have a lot of focus? I do lots of things and none of it very well. I should have read magazines and eaten bon bons.


Mary C said...

I'm the same way when my kids aren't in the house (which is rare). I can't focus on any one thing, but it looks like you got a ton done!

4funboys said...

so.... can you come help me too please?

p.s. I'll settle for just half of your list for the first day- I'm not picky.