Friday, June 6, 2008

Universal Fun


We never hear from our friend on the right. I hope we run into him at MGM. I would hate not to have him in future pictures.

In case you are wondering...yes, they do let you into Universal Studios with a Mickey Mouse covered baseball hat. No problem.


Amy Jo said...

You, my dear, are GORGEOUS!

4under3 said...

Lisa. You win the Funniest explanation of the unwanted subjects in pictures award.

That "friend on the right" comment made me laugh out loud. And, I'm sure that when I go out to mow our lawn (for the first time since high school) in a few minutes, I'll laugh out loud a few times then, too. I wonder what the neighbors will think.

Kristin said...

At least name the poor guy. I'm going with Fred. It works well with, "Hey, Fred, move out of the way!" and "Oops, Fred, you got in another family's picture again."

And I wholeheartedly agree with both previous comments! :)