Wednesday, June 11, 2008


How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

I'm home! I'm so happy to be home. Sort of.

At least now that I have been to the grocery store, I am pretty sure I could last more than 75 days in my house. You should see the laundry I have not touched and the unpacked bags that are everywhere. I would never run out of things to do - that is for sure. If the little guy would stop wetting his bed I bet I could get ahead on the laundry. Maybe.

We had a fun filled week, but I have canceled our beach vacation next month. It is too much gosh darn work for Mama. The last two days were especially exhausting and ended in a mad-8 hour-dash home to play a late night, 3-set tennis match in the miserable heat. Yes, I am crazy. It was terribly unfortunate for my family that I was PMSing the whole week. I am one of those people that really only feels good about one week a month. This wasn't that week. In addition, note my jaundice:

I would like to tell you that this is me and Hubby before our sunburns, however, I can't lie. You could have been fooled because it is the spitting image of me with red in the hair, yellow tinted skin and a little bitty camera. I have to wait as long and as still as her to take a picture with my old decrepit Sony camera. The kids have usually circled me twice by the time it takes the picture. That would have to be my dream boyfriend in this picture: tall, yellow and handsome. How nice it would have been to have someone else carry the backpack and video everything for me! I'm sure even my Hubby would have enjoyed having him along to help with the kids. It was a big dilemma on what to do about a camera. My Hubby had some not so helpful suggestions like "take your MacDaddy" and when I balked at that said "just don't take a camera." What? I'll be breathing, right? I ended up taking more video this time and intend on making an awesomely cool DVD for my kids. (Like the way I turned that whole thing into lemonade?). Don't worry, I have a few unflattering pictures to share with you this week.

Stay tuned for full updates including a new and improved white Snow White. You might not have seen your last Mexican Sombrero either - don't worry, it isn't on Snow White.

OR IS IT?????


4under3 said...

Hmmm. I wonder how long I'd last. 75 days is a long time.

Mary C said...

I'll be waiting to see who the sombrero ends up on this time!

Kristin said...

Welcome Home! I'm anxious to see the Snow White pic; I thought you were skipping Disney this time?!? And you never did answer my question...did you do the posts ahead of time before you left? Inquiring minds want to know!

Kristi said...

You are funny! :-) I just enjoyed looking at those old pictures in your previous posts. We are going to Disney World this fall, so it was fun to get a preview!! I haven't been there for years and our kids never have. So, they are excited!

Welcome Home...good luck with the never-ending laundry that you have!!!