Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Curious Questions

I was in the car about 4 times with my boys today. Here are some of the more interesting questions that I got from them (that I can remember). Keep in mind that they were not in context of any conversation we were having. They were just random questions thrown out to me. My Big Guy especially talks a lot and asks most of the questions. It is exhausting. The Little Guy would rather suck his thumb and when he does ask a question it tends to be one that he already knows the answer to (i.e. "are you wearing a red shirt?").

Can I put a big [sic] right here for the list? Some may look like typos, however, I tried to phrase it as they did:

Why are some droids red?
When will the world start over?
Will I be alive in 1999?
What country was Jesus from?
Can I have a 3-day playdate?
Why do your lips look funny?
Do Ladies wear lipstick?
Are you a lady or a woman?
Can you catch up to that car and see what state the license plate is?
Are you speeding?
How fast is speeding?
Is there a real Diet Dr. Pepper?
Is there another word for shirt that has shirt in it?
What states have I been to?
What is the biggest thing?
Why are there so many banks?
Is plutanamous a real planet?
Do you know what I dreamed last night?
Why don't all cars have a tire on the back?
Why do I have to wear "sunscream" when there is no sun?
How long does it take to get to Australia?

I'm almost relieved when I can just say "I don't know." I'm just as glad to get a yes or no question as well. I offered up "blouse" and "top" for the other word for shirt and he got really frustrated with me. I still don't know what he was talking about. If our Lego friend was here, she would go home and do research on all of these questions and send a detailed report via email for me to go over with my children. Go here if you have lots of time on your hands and want to ponder various Lego storage options.
Other notes of today:

I took the Big Guy to the uniform store for school clothes today and he asked the 14 year old helping us if she was married. I don't think he was trying to pick her up. He then asked if she had any kids. When she replied "no" he told her she should and she should have 3 of them. "I come from a family of three and there are two boys, one 4 and the oldest is 6 1/2 - that is me. There is also a girl that is zero years old and her name is [Baby Girl]."

I actually said this to the Little Guy today:
"If you put your tongue in her mouth you will go to Time Out."
I would like to add that I just hate picking up Baby Girl and finding that she has so obviously been licked upside her head.


Mary C said...

Those questions crack me up. I get some of those as well. What really drives me crazy is when my daughter asks a question, I genuinely try to answer her, and she says, "NO! That is not right."
ooookkkkaaaayyyy. If you have no faith in my answers, why do you ask???

Loved the conversation he had with the sales girl! He's proud of his family!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh, Mary C! My older one does the saaaaaame thing! He asks a question and when I answer, he says, "No, it's not." AHHHHH!!!

I especially love this question:
"Are you a lady or a woman?" Classic. I would love to hear your answer. And was he thinking of "t-shirt" for his shirt question?

Can I also tell you that both my little men have the same sneakers as your little guy? My younger one had a fit when we had to buy new ones last week, even though the old ones had holes. He would only consider the same ones as he had before, just like his big brother. Gotta love Chez Target!

Amy Jo said...

ohhhhh. This post made me laugh out loud several times. You've got a smart one there! I can only imagine how tiring it would be to answer that variety of random questions. I love reading about kid conversations. And in about 7 years, Big Guy is going to get a kick out of reading this post about the silly things he used to ask.

The other day J asked if I was drying my hair. (I obviously was, so I said yes) "I'm sooooo proud of you mama!" He said it very seriosly. Very random....

I clicked on the link of that photo place...I don't uderstand what you are doing there. Photo lessons? I'm sure you'll explain later, but I hope you have a great time! And get to recharge your mommy batteries for all those questions the big guy will be saving up for your return.

oh.. I do have a laminator machine and I laminate stuff left and right. It was just $25 at Walmart.

Kristi said...

Quite the TWENTY questions you got asked!!! Oh, what funny, funny questions your inquisitive boys asked!!! I loved to read them ALL!