Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yes, the straps on her highchair are just as dirty as pictured. It won't be too long before this is the only place (strapped in) that I can get a picture of her smiling, non-moving face. She is on the go and getting stuck under things these days.

For the first time ever

I cut a blueberry into 8 pieces.
I tied a knot in a rubber band (at the request of the Big Guy who brought me a book with diagrams of knots in rope in case I couldn't figure it out).
I had carrots sneezed all over me (you would think it would have happened before now).
I bought a heart monitor (that makes me sound like I have a problem, doesn't it?).
I made a three bean salad (with 5 beans, but who is counting?).
I read my camera manual (there is some good info there!).
I told my Hubby he could not eat a whole box of Bagel-fuls ever again.


Angela said...

how did you cut a blueberry into 8 pieces?? you should have photographed that! :)

Mary C said...

I know I say it everytime there is a picture of her here, but she IS SO CUTE! I'm with Angela-blueberry into 8 pieces? Pretty impressive.