Friday, April 11, 2008

What do I do with this guy?

My son's penguin is looking for a new home. Well, actually, I am looking for a new home for him and the Big Guy knows nothing about it. The crafts my children bring home from school and church are taking over the house. I have thrown away a lot of it and feel terrible when I have to trash it. I can't throw it away if it has Jesus on it! Oh, the guilt.

Above is the stack of papers I have collected from both boys this year. I will go through it this summer and save my favorite things. Hate to do it, but if I don't I will have a stack like that x 3 x 12 years. Okay, so they aren't making a lot of art as high school seniors, but you never know. Although it does not look promising for the boys at this point, there is still hope that Kate will be a famous artist.

What about the penguin? Really. How long do I have to keep him? I had to buy a package of tube socks and supplies for this creature so he was not cheap. I'm thinking that with Spring here this creature should exit our home. I will probably chicken out, put him in the boys' room and wait for his massacre. So sad.

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Amy Jo said...

hmmmm. that IS a big stack of junk (I mean precious learning tools) you've got to sort through. I'm not at that point yet, thank God. The occasional Sunday School papers that come out of the toddler room go straight into the recycle bin at our house.

I know I've seen some good ideas on how to organize that stuff over the years. Maybe a three ring binder for each kid? My mom kept a big box for each of us of the "best of the best" drawings, stories, crafts. We all liked looking through our box from time to time.

I think you should throw the penguin in with your Christmas decorations and pull him out at least one more year. He's sorta cute!