Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Monday in May

Monday. Again.

It was a long restless night with our home alarm beeping in our bedroom every hour and my husband having to get up a reset it each time. It needs a new battery or something we were not capable of dealing with at 1AM, 2AM, 3AM and on and on. Imagine how exhausted I was when I went to the gym at 5AM. I'm almost glad my husband is going out of town tomorrow so I have an excuse to "sleep in". It did not help that a giant 4 year old wedged himself between us around 3AM. My boys are both so big now and I am so blind, that I can't tell which one it is in the middle of the night until I make them talk to me. Hubby and I were both groggily saying "get down and go back to bed" hoping for just once he would go back to bed by himself. I was saying "there isn't enough room" (we only have a Queen) and he got right in the middle and said "yes there is!"

I went to my office to pick up some stuff this morning. I usually only do that on the weekends when no one is there. I saw lots of people I haven't seen in 6 months so they wanted to talk to me and I talked back so it wasn't a productive trip. I brought everything home to work on here. Of course, I am procrastinating until tomorrow.

My friend had a work emergency so I kept her kids for her this afternoon. I tried to entertain 5 kids and that was a challenge with my tired self. I finally gave in towards the later part of the afternoon and pulled one of my husbands tricks of putting on a cartoon. That was my babysitter for 30 minutes while I passed out on the couch. I was only semi-unconscious when I heard one of the little boys say "hey, she is asleep." I jumped up and said "no, I am watching you!" There is no telling what they were preparing to do thinking I was out cold. They are sneaky. They climbed up my magnolia tree, picked a huge white flower, ran around the house to the front door, rang the doorbell and hid so I would find a big flower on the front doorstep.

The Big Guy had a great time as it was a buddy in his class that loves Star Wars as much as he does. He confided in me this past weekend that the two of them were sent to Outer Mongolia (Time Out). They spent too much time in the bathroom talking about Star Wars and got in trouble. The teacher told them they talked about Star Wars too much. With a smile on his face, he told me that the next day they "didn't get catched" because they rushed through their snack so they could run off to the bathroom early and talk about Star Wars. They got out in time and the teacher was none the wiser.

We had a feast of chicken for dinner because my friend with the kids brought us take out, we got the Big Guy off to baseball, Baby Girl in bed, and I went to play a tennis match at 8PM that lasted almost 3 hours. Thank goodness we won. We came from behind and were really happy with ourselves despite being candidates for a blooper reel. I am a zombie now. I am going to bed and hopefully will not have to sleep through loud beeps from our alarm.


Mary C said...

You had more activity in one day than I had all weekend! No wonder you're exhausted!

What do you do? (as in job that you went to an office for?)

Laura said...

That WAS a busy day! How sweet of the kids to surprise you with a magnolia flower!

I'm sure your tennis bloopers couldn't have been too bad...especially if you're good enough to consider playing a match and keeping score!

Although I've been active in many sports throughout my life, I have the proficiency of Frankenstein on the tennis court...and golf course.

BTW-The recipes on my blog aren't all gluten-free...only the ones in the gluten-free category. I need to post more of those and have our kids eat even less gluten. Besides health benefits, I've seen amazing behavior changes in kids who go gluten free.

I hope you don't mind. I've listed your blog on my site so I don't keep going through Angela's blog to get to yours!

Hoping you have a restful day...

Kristin said...

I am obviously as out of loop as Mary; I didn't know you had an office. Then again, maybe you didn't know you had an office, either, if you haven't seen the people threre in six months. I am in suspense now...what do you do? Is there a sign on the office that says "Witty Bloggers Association"? :) Do tell!