Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday with me.

The day started off at 5AM with my radio talk show playing something very confusing to me at the time. I couldn't tell you what now either. I thought I would die when I got out of the bed and then I felt okay after a few minutes. Not great - just okay. I've talked myself out of getting up early the last 3 mornings, but my friend emailed me late last night and said she would see me at 5:30. I knew we were meeting with the trainer after a class although I thought she meant the 9:30 class. So the accountability factor set in and I made it there - late. There was also the incentive of meeting with Uma, the wonder-trainer, for free.

I got there late and had to use the Elliptical machine (I hate it!) instead of a treadmill. Luckily there was one left way in the back so Uma couldn't see how I wasn't keeping up with everyone else. I was late so I missed Justin and was living to see Enrique on the big screen and wouldn't you know it started skipping during his video? Uma fast forwarded and I was so disappointed. I met with her after the torture and she showed me pictures of when she was fat and told me I was right on track to do things the healthy way and keep weight off, etc. She had to stop in the middle of our talk to call her son and make sure he was up and ready for school. She was simply lovely and I thought about what a sweet, nice mom she must be. She made the wonderful suggestion that possibly I wasn't eating enough. I just loved her more than ever. Then, she made me do crunches on a ball with a 2lb weight behind my head. Well, that just hurt. I don't really need that tight of a stomach and maybe I can live with it the way it is.

When I got home my boys were all ready for school dressed in their same exact clothes from yesterday. It was a bit of a battle to get them to change and I won half of it. Don't get me wrong, I am all for less laundry and wearing the same clothes over and over. I am not fond of so obviously sending both of my children off to school in the same clothes they were seen in yesterday. Let's at least throw them in the corner for a few days before our next showing of the camo shorts and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood T-shirt (with a stain on it). I don't want the teachers to think I have totally given up.

I was able to go to Costco this morning by myself. It was a zoo. I went for two specific things for the Little Guy's class party which they had neither of. I still managed to spend $200 and thought to myself that I would never go there again. Most of it was on baby supplies including a cute little dress that Baby Girl does not need as she already has an outfit for every day this summer. I bought some more of my favorite sweat pants (I think they are called lounge pants) and they make me so happy that I think I will start wearing them out in public.

I had to renew my Costco membership and the girl showed me how much I spent with them last year. I was horrified (most was probably diapers, wipes and sweatpants). She tried to talk me into the $100 membership so that I could possibly get $70 back in cash at the end of the year. I told her I would rather just pay $50 and risk it. Which reminds me. I hate to shop. Why can't you just go buy your stuff and be done with it. No wonder online shopping is such a big hit. I had to go to the mall and return something (I know you feel sorry for me - it is okay). I also had a free offer for you might know what at Vickie's. I don't want to see my Google Ads if I type that out. I witnessed the most aggressive lingerie drill sergeant I could have ever imagined. I was so glad I was not working there and felt I had to go check out the flip flops I could get with my purchase for only $10 more. I was frightened I would have to drop and give her ten if I didn't comply and Uma hasn't gotten me that far with my arms yet. I was able to get out of there using my big ugly step-sister feet that wouldn't fit as an excuse. And, no I don't want another credit card. [I bought a plain beige undergarment so don't go thinking I bought something risque] I had to exchange jeans I bought months ago for $14 at the Gap. The most bizarre man(?) helped me. He insisted that I must have a new pair of white pants. "They are just darling for summer!" He was persistent and I finally had to tell him and one other girl behind the counter about my biggest loser situation and how I would not be buying any pants of any sort with the hopes that I could fit in a smaller size in a few months. He still tried to get me to buy some shorts. And that is why I don't like to go to the mall. Although the worst will always be the vendors that stand outside the stores and say to me every time I walk by "Can I ask you a question?" It is so much effort to try and not make eye contact with those folks. Once a guy asked me that 3 times and I finally stopped and told him why it was so annoying. I thought about writing to somebody important at the mall and complain, but again, too much effort for me.

On a lighter note, after side stepping the rain, making 200 cell phone calls to various friends, dropping cell phone twice and breaking it, I got the family to the park with 3 other moms all with 3 kids. It was a great time despite all the screams to stay out of the water and to put that stick down. The weather was great and boys wrestled, threw each other to the ground and got as dirty as they possibly could. One of them (not mine, whew!) dropped his drawers in front of everybody and peed right into a stream. Hubby was able to show up and brought me my requested large unsweet ice tea from McDonald's along with a non-requested apple pie. I had to eat the whole thing because remember what Uma said. I have clearly not been eating enough and she didn't really say what I needed to eat more of. To my dismay, the tea was sweet. So sweet I could not even drink it (and I am from Alabama where my family makes really sweet tea). I saved the tea for the 3 hours we were at the park and drove back through the drive-thru to exchange it. I had my one sweet-n-low packet all ready for my awaited drink. It is the only drink I love more than diet coke (but not margaritas on some days). They were so friendly at McDonald's that I couldn't be mad. Until I put my one and only sweet-n-low in the tea, took a big sip and realized that it was sweet tea again. Make that super-sweet tea with extra sweetener added by me. I am not totally crazy and debated on whether I should just forget the whole thing as I drove down the road. Nope, I turned the car around, went back and went inside to just get it myself. Unfortunately, they only had Splenda and it took 3 people to find it. It just wasn't the same. Poor little Big Guy had 4 quarters and there wasn't a drink he could buy with $1. He was able to get a hamburger and we saw a policeman so it wasn't a total loss.

We then went to Wal-mart and it was just like every other trip of mine to Wal-mart. Not fun. At least I found the party supplies I needed. Checking out is always so much harder than it should be and so funny that they have 2,000 registers and only 3 open. I had a good experience once in all my years last summer when a woman saw I was really pregnant and opened up a check-out line just for me. I'll never forget it.

That is all for my ramblings of today. It has been a full week and I'm glad I finally found some time to post something other than a Baby Girl picture. I must now go shower off some children and try to get ink out of one of their ears.

Good night.


MCK Mama said...

Oh my, I love your posts.

And I LOVE the elliptical! We'd be good workout buddies. I would never hog the treadmill and it sounds like I could have my share of the elliptical!

I mean, assuming I would wake at 5 am to meet you to workout. Which, sorry, I wouldn't. Bravo for you!!

Kristi said...

Oh...I echo that as well! I too LOVE reading your posts!!!

Thanks for sharing your Friday with ME. :-)

Have a great rest of the weekend. And, sorry...I wasn't trying to make you cry on my post! Time just flies, doesn't it???

Amy Jo said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Cosco (BJ's in my town) Ditto. $200 every time. Diapers, Wipes and whatever else hikes the bill up that high. Walmart, Ditto. Hate it, but like that I can get most everything on my list.

I'm happy to hear you're going out of town for 3 days. (without baby girl too?) You deserve some time away after that 10 day stint. I've been telling people about my amazing "friend" whose husband went away for 10 days. If B. goes away for 10 hours that's pushing it for me. Obviosly you are a much stronger (and probably skinnier) woman than I!