Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all you Mommy's out there have a great day. My guess is that my family will go out to lunch after church. I'll probably not pick my favorite restaurant because it is not a good place for kids. I'll pick the place with long booths so all the boys can sit on one side and Baby Girl and I can have the other side. All I want is a lunch with no one touching or leaning on me. Oh yeah, and a Diet Coke is important too.

I was ordered not to look at the gift the Big Guy brought home from school. It should be interesting. The Little Guy couldn't wait and gave me a pin (for my shirt) that is a flower painted with his fingerprints. Honestly, I love it. I don't even have to pretend. I am going to plan my whole church wardrobe around it so I coordinate and let people think I have horrible taste in jewelry. The mark of a proud mother.

I love my family dearly, but after Hubby being gone for 10 days, there is nothing more that I would love for Mother's Day than a weekend away alone at a grand hotel. I know my Hubby wouldn't understand that at all (or he never has in the past). He loves the togetherness, so I don't even bother asking. I guess you should want to be with your children on Mother's Day, but every day is Mothers Day for me and I am with them non-stop it seems. The gifts are not as good on the other days of the year...usually little presents on my carpet that I don't want. A friend of mine said she was actually going away for the night with a girlfriend. So, I'm not the only one with that great idea! Room service and sleeping late certainly are appealing. The quiet would be outstanding. Being in a place where I couldn't do laundry would be a total dream!

It is my first Mother's Day with Baby Girl and my first as a Mommy of three. A lot to celebrate and be thankful for no matter where I am. I think I will take the day off, lay on the couch and watch Baby Girl jump up and down in her exersaucer. It is the best entertainment.


Kristin said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a nice lunch out (even if you had to go to a place with long booths). I got a similar package from my little man from preschool; it was adorable. I didn't have to pretend, either. And thanks for adding my blog to your list; I added yours, too. :)

MCK Mama said...

Happy Mother's Day! Drink a little extra Diet Coke for me, too. Though (shhh, don't tell) I will probably drink some of my own.

Here's to hoping no one leaned on you while you ate. Ahhhh...