Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Daddy

See. Mexican, right? This was the beginning of the summer so he wasn't even as dark as he could be. You may have seen the pictures of Grammy and if so you know where all my whiteness came from. The mustache and dark hair from him for sure.

The lady in yellow is (I think) the photographer's assistant. I guess she wasn't briefed on staying out of the wedding pictures. Is that a lens or a coffee cup? Doesn't the look on her face just say "Crap, I ruined another picture!" or it may be "Crap, I just poured coffee into this camera lens!"

Only because I had a bad experience getting my pictures back from the wedding and also it is cranky week, I am just going to say it. She needs a makeover. Was that even in style in 1999? 1989 yes. Oh, who am I to talk. Look at my bangs. It must have been a hard day for the hair.


Angela said...

I got married in 1999, too. Thought I'd better hurry up and get married before the world ended at Y2K. ;)

Mary C said...

LOL! I am cracking up. You are just so funny. A photog's assistant that doesn't know how to stay out of pictures. Classis

I got married in '99, too!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, she also wasn't briefed on how to wear colors that are NOT wild and obnoxious. Sheesh.

I was NOT married in '99. Sorry. 2003 for me, baby.

Kristin said...

You are being too kind; I don't think that photog asst's outfit was in style in 1989. I remember 1989 well, and I don't remember that. On a funny note, I have totally pale skin (think Casper), and one of my nicknames in HS was actually Snow White. (I'm sure that it was also because of my many innocent qualities.) My father, on the other hand, we refer to as the Puerto Rican in our family -- mustache and all. He tries *not* to tan and still has one. I inherited many qualities from him, but not the epidermis.

And I sported some serious bangs in my wedding picture as well, but alas, I was wed before all of you kids in 1997.

Tiffany said...

Here's to bad luck with the wedding photographer. Cheers! And since I don't drink, well, maybe a good glass of Pinot on occasion, let's cheer our coffee cups.

If only that McKinney girl shot weddings back when I got hitched.

(Almost missed the memo--I was married in 2003)

Kristi said...

Hee hee hee...great picture! So MANY things were captured!

Love you and your dad together...that is sweet!

I was married just before this in 1998, a mere "baby" at 21! I can't believe that it has been almost 10 years...yikes, time goes by fast!

Amanda said...

Ha! Yes, he DOES look Mexican and REALLY resembles my Dad. Black hair, mustache, short. Well, I don't know if your Dad is short, because in pictures it's hard to tell, but MY Dad is only like 5'5".

You got crazy camera lady in YOUR wedding pictures...I got a HUGE blue camera bag in all of my professional pictures. The photographer forgot to move her bag out of the church pew and it shows up in all of our pictures!