Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mom

Me and my Mama. Back when she dyed her hair Auburn, of course. Yeah, I don't know what that arrangement is to the right. It was the 70's and things were different back then.
I like to call this picture "My Mother, the angel." It is as if heaven is pouring light right down on her as she sits in church.

Grammy having fun with dinosaurs (she doesn't get to do that much in her every day life).

Yes, Grammy. It was funny when you put the bunny ears behind her head.

Happy Mother's Day, Y'all.

We ended up going to church although I forgot we were working in the 3 year old room so we were there although not really in church. I had to leave for a new Sunday School class that I am helping to start and told everyone (while Hubby was still with 3 year olds) what his biggest fear in life is. They told on me - woops. We went to eat lunch at Moe's. Remember, I have to go where I can tolerate the kids being...themselves. I did have to share a booth with the Little Guy and tried to use my diaper bag as a buffer from all the leaning on. My Hubby said he was going to invent a big bubble Moms everywhere could zip themselves in to when needed.

The Big Guy keeps suggesting that a Brothers & Sisters Day should be invented so they can get to do whatever they want. I keep telling him that every day is Brothers & Sisters Day. They made me a big special breakfast of Cinnamon Rolls and chocolate waffles (off diet). I also got yellow flowers and the Big Guy painted a lovely bird feeder for me. Then it was off to Grammy's for pie (off diet) and Jeep riding.


Kristin said... really resemble your mom in that first picture. What is your husband's greatest fear...that you would leave him in a room with church-going three-year-olds???

Kristi said...

Happy Mother's Day to YOU too!!!

Sounds like an eventful, fun day!! I SO hear ya on the eating with no one touching me...and the Diet Coke too!!!

Great pics!! :-)