Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a $100 gets you

Apparently, a night out cost me that much.

After much preparation and a crying Baby Girl who was off her schedule because of new teeth, I left my kids with a babysitter. My boys were bored all day and were promised a movie night in hopes that it would make things easier for same babysitter. I got a pedicure and read a gossip magazine that had the best pages already torn out. A friend met me and we decided to go see Made of Honor at the theater even though the babysitter saw it and said it was a "renter". I never go to movies or rent them (plus it was the only time that worked for us) so we went anyway.

We were about 15 minutes late, but my girlfriend insisted we were only missing previews. I had a hard time buying my ticket out of the ATM because I don't get out much and also Hubby usually does that. I was going to get a diet coke even though I knew it would keep me up all night long (2AM to be exact). The guy in front of me took forever. He couldn't make up his mind about popcorn? I'm sure he was heavily weighing the decision to spend one more quarter for the bigger size. I told the girl behind the counter not to upsale me because I only wanted the small size no matter how much the next one cost. I used to work in a theater in my younger years as you can so easily tell by my expertise in the cup and bag size department. Anyway, I ended up with the medium size. My friend worked for Coke and said they are told to fill it with mostly ice so you have to get the big size so I said "and don't fill it full of ice". I ended up with a warm Diet Coke with melted ice and totally deserved that (and only drank half of it I might add). We realized when we presented our ticket to get to our theater that our tickets say something goofy like it is expired. We did pay our money and had the receipt for proof. I tried to convince the teenager to just let us through since we paid and it would be okay. We could talk to the manger later to fix his numbers, but we were late for our movie and we were paying for babysitters and needed a break. Well, she wouldn't budge and we had to start our long walk across the multiplex to talk to the manager. My friend calculated that the walk cost us $8 in babysitter fees and don't think I didn't tell him. He said to go back and it would be okay to just go in and that we had missed 17 minutes of the actual movie. "I told that girl it would be okay and she wasn't moving so you better go tell her". We had an escort from some very important theater person just to make sure the small teenager let us in. No, I have not always been this difficult. It has come with age, I think. Skip ahead and we walk in, the movie is playing and the theater is full. Really full, like nowhere to sit. Except on the front row. I am exaggerating, I think we actually sat on the third row. My friend suggested we ask someone watching the movie what we had missed (20 minutes into it). That is when I got the giggles. They were so bad that I had to go out and miss a little more of the movie. I dared her and was totally willing to pay up for that entertainment. I told her it was the same plot as My Best Friend's Wedding and don't worry about what we missed. So, we leaned way back so we could look straight up at McDreamy. It was terribly uncomfortable, especially after an hour and I really hope that I used some extra muscles and burned many calories while sitting there. I have goals now for weightloss and don't care how I get to them...

When I got home the babysitter said that the Little Guy gave her a hard time.
I apologized and did not say "join the club".
It must have been really bad for her to actually tell me. She said he didn't listen to anything she said so that is when I said "well, join the club!"
No, I am totally kidding. I just tipped her big. I also had to tip the pedicurist big for working on my ugly feet. It was only fair.

On my way home from my tennis match tonight, I called my friend in Virginia and complained about being homebound with my children and no Hubby in sight for 4 more days. She said I was gone every night and what was I complaining about. I had to laugh hard at that. I had to set her straight on how HARD it was to get out, though. Tonight I had to go pick up my invalid Aunt due to her broken arm to watch my kids and threaten them not to go near her or touch her arm or they would lose PB&J sandwiches for a month. And yesterday I went through another disposable babysitter - I use them once and they never come back.


Angela said...

I LOVE the way you write. You write just like I think. And you have a husband, just like mine... bye! "Oh- you're going out of town, again!??!" So, to you, my dear friend, I say "join the club" - or, rather, I will join your club... we can be our own club. The busy mommies with babies whose hubbies are out of town.

I can't believe that ticket lady wouldn't take your ticket and that you had to miss that much of the movie! That is SOOOO lame!

I, myself, rented and watched a total chick flick last night "27 dresses" because, like you, my hubby is OOT, as well. I actually really enjoyed it - I never get to watch girl movies- and I thought to myself, I need to do this more often. Me, a (small) glass of (good) red wine and a mindless chick flick where at the end I can smile and say, "awwwwww."

Mary C said...

Your stories crack me up! I love your blog and always read-I just don't always have time to comment!