Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Proof I Exist

Look. Here we are last Saturday night at the concert in town. My friend Ashley took this picture and I am so glad. We have almost no pictures of me. The Big Guy must have been dancing in front of the stage or popping balloons.

See that red ugly blanket? My Husband has had that as long as I have known him and has always kept it in the trunk of his car. On this day it paid off. It is scratchy and uncomfortable and did I mention that it is really ugly?

See that Snap-n-Go Stroller in the back of us with the bucket seat? Yeah, Baby Girl is way to big for all of that now. I don't keep her in it because it is more convenient or easier. I still have her in it because I have not found the time to change out car seats in my car. I have got to do that this week.

See those blue Crocs the Little Guy is wearing? They are from last summer and way too small for his feet. I try to hide them and somehow he always finds them. That is not the battle I chose to fight with him so I often I just let him wear them. I've really got to get a new pair for him this week.

See that little red cup behind us (like Hubby is holding)? That has some really bad wine in it. I was so looking forward to the bottle I chilled and was unpleasantly surprised by its taste. I had to make everyone try it. "This is AWFUL. Taste it!" My always prepared friend Marie hooked me up with something better. When we ran out of that we sent her husband to one of the stores 100 feet away to buy a new bottle. When I gave him his orders that his wife said he had to go buy a new bottle he said to me in a confused whisper "Did she already drink that whole bottle of wine by herself?" I said other people helped the two of us drink it (although it was mostly us). The second bottle is always a mistake in my experience. Always.

See the wine bottle to the very far left next to that man? That isn't ours in case you thought we drank so many we tossed an empty bottle over to the side. I assume the bottle as well as the flip flops belong to that man or his crew. He managed to get in our roped off area. We had experienced tail-gaiters that hooked us up with the best spot earlier in the day. There is always one or two that sneak in.

See the silver bag behind/next to Hubby? He got snippy at me at home before we left because I didn't have a wonderfully prepared meal to take (or that is what it seemed to me). I offered a to make a turkey sandwich and he refused and it isn't like he couldn't get a Moe's Burrito 150 feet away. Anyway, the silver bag was what I did bring for him - Pita Chips. They are really good and I had a 3 layer hummus. It is enough for me...sorry he isn't on a diet.

See the big wet spot on Hubby's shirt (probably not, but trust me it is there)? The Little Guy made him spill his drink all over himself. Haahaaaa haaa.

See the Caprisuns? They were in the lunchables boxes I took for my kids to eat. I've never purchased those for my kids ever. They thought I was the best Mom there. They hold me in a higher regard when I provide junk food for them. Especially if it is something they have seen another child have at school. I've thought about buying them pudding-packs. They would freak.

See that belly hanging out behind Baby Girl (why didn't I suck that in...or did I?!)? That will be gone by August 1st. I hope. Luckily, the wine made me so sick the next day that I lost 3 lbs. That is more than I have lost in 2 weeks of working out hard. Awesome.

See how short my hair is? Doesn't it look like a brown football helmet? Hard to believe it has grown about 2 inches since it was first cut. I have been to the girl twice now and she likes to lift up sections of my hair and scalp me to thin it out. Ouch! I told her I didn't think she could do that every time as much as she does because at some point I will just be bald all over the place. She said "You've got plenty of hair. Don't worry about it." That just shows how much she knows me if she thinks I am not going to worry over something silly like my hair.

See the little bit of the cooler showing out of the back of Hubby? It was an award he won from work. He gets these awards and can choose online what he wants to get. He always lets me pick whatever I want. It is just a very small perk in my life. Until recently, that is, when he told me he won one and wanted to pick a running shirt for himself. What! The prizes aren't that great but anything free is fine by me. This is a rolling collapsible cooler and the rolling part was helpful on this occasion. It was the first time we used it and I'm sure we won't see it again for a long time. I have also received a cooler with a radio/ipod player in it, a bag for my Mac and some other random things just so you believe me that the prizes are not that fantastic.

I'm sure you can see the Little Guy's outfit. When I was looking for more blankets because I didn't remember the blanket that has always lived in Hubby's trunk, I found it. It was in the Bunk Bed trundle bed space. I have to get creative with the clothing storage for the Big Guy's clothes waiting for the Little Guy to wear them. I forgot about that space and I wonder where else I have put clothes and don't remember.

I know you can't see what Baby Girl is wearing. Her big huge bib (Hubby needed it) is covering her outfit. Sorry you can't see her strappy pink sundress. It made her look at least a whole month older.

Oh, and imagine all of this that I told you with the band playing loudly in the background. Anything by Rick Springfield would be a good choice.


Angela said...

You are so funny. I can always count on a good laugh out loud when I read your blog.

Great picture of your family- even sans one of the boys.

Kristi said...

Great post...there was SO much more going on in this picture...I am so glad that you shared it all!

You are a funny lady!

I agree...great to see a picture of you, your hubby, and two of your kids!! How fun!

Mary C said...

That was hilarious. I had to keep scrolling back up to see what you were pointing out! Good picture-and no, I don't think you look like you have a brown football helmet on your head. You are so cute!

4under3 said...

Funny, girl! This was fun to read. Just a few more questions from me....

That Avent bottle of Baby girls, I see it sitting there, how many ounces did it hold before she drank it?

And that orange string tied across the back of the picture. What in the world was that for?

And what size sandals do you think those are that are sitting behind your husband?

Just some random questions.