Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

And I don't mean because they tell me what they want for Christmas every day.

I thought I would try to get a shot of all three of my kids since I haven't had one in many months. AND, this is what I got. It makes me remember why I don't have more of all three of them together. It also makes me think of my Christmas cards and how difficult it always is to get "the" shot. It was hard enough with just two and three may be too challenging to attempt. Last year my card had three individual pictures. The good news is that I have up to 7 months to perfect my picture. The bad news is Baby Girl will probably be walking by Christmas and run away from the camera so it will be even worse than it is now. I took another family's Christmas picture with three kids including a 15 month old and there was a lot of wrangling involved. It took a lot of pictures to get one they could use on their card.

Side note: This was a spontaneous session with my kids when they were playing with the baby. I would never take a Christmas card picture with them dressed in a pink, orange and gray nor a Giants baseball hat. Not festive at all unless you count the Chimpanzee t-shirt. That is a little festive. ;-)


Tiffany said...

Oh fun(ny)! I love baby girl's little mini mohawk in the first 2 shots. And our Luke had the same Chimp shirt as little guy is sportin'. If you want my opinion, your cuties could be rollin' on the ground like the others and they'd look just as cute...even if they weren't wearing adorable matching zip sweaters and a cute bow headband.

I can't wait to see this year's Christmas card, I mean, for the love of summer, I can..but you know what I mean.

Mary C said...

I love the second picture where Baby Girl has her thumb in her brother's eye!

Angela said...

That last picture is adorable with BG looking back at her big brother!

I totally know what you mean about trying to get a picture of all three kids. It really is torture... ESPECIALLY when it really IS around Xmas time and you really DO need to get a (semi) decent shot.

Kristin said...

I am a big fan of BG's mohawk, too. And boy, do I feel ya on the Christmas pics! My boys recently had their birthday pics taken, and my husband and I were sweating like we went to aerobics at 5:30 AM by the end of the session trying to get them to cooperate. And I only have two!

Kristi said...

Oh yes...I so know the trouble of getting THREE kids to take a good picture...ALL at the SAME TIME!!! :-)

It IS getting a bit easier now that my youngest is three...but, it still is more hassle than it is worth sometimes!! :-)

I personally think that YOUR pics of your three kiddos playing and hanging out together are really cute! I love the action shots!

Laura said...

You take great pictures! Now we all know why parents rarely get into the Christmas photos--they're too busy bouncing around trying to get the kids to look, smile, and be cute...all of them at the same time!

We had similar trouble with our kids...until a couple of years ago when I had the whole family climb up into a big tree for our picture.

See the bottom of this post

They had to be pretty still and pay attention then! Your kids may be a little too young for that right now though! =)

Nice work on the other three kids' photo!