Friday, May 9, 2008

Tag...I'm it!

I was tagged by Angela so here it goes...

Random (Fun?) Facts:

1. Mary C reminded me of this with her Campbell Brown comment (never heard before!): In college I worked at a movie theater and my name tag read "Dorothy" because everyone thought I looked like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz. People that know me best call me Lisa Belle.

2. I have a brother 7 years younger that lives in Montana and I almost never see him.

3. All three of my kids have a special connection to Elvis. It was mostly accidental and no we are not Elvis freaks. One has his initials, one has his birthday and one has part of his actual name as their own. I think it is rather unique for our plain vanilla family.

4. My husband's parents have a sheep farm and Bed & Breakfast in Wisconsin. There is no air-conditioning! They were nice enough to put a window unit in my bedroom last summer when it was 90 and I was pregnant. The picture is my self portrait on that trip. I wanted to capture one of the worst moments of my life at the tire pit as I toured a dairy farm in the middle of the day - July and 6+ months pregnant. They do use the tires on the farm - I don't remember why. I was too self-involved in my own misery. The only other places I have voluntarily visited that were worse are in this order: Stone Mountain on the 4th of July 175 degrees and dry sockets due to wisdom teeth removal; Animal Kingdom 5 months pregnant - 288 degrees. I cried that day during the Lion King and then thanked God when it rained and we had to leave early.

5. My first so-called date with my husband was a ride in his airplane. He had a Cherokee single engine and let me fly it around Stone Mountain. By the time we were married, I was terrified of flying and am so thankful it is now gone. He talks a lot about his next plane and it makes me stop breathing. The picture of the Little Guy represents the sheep farm and flying. They did have digital cameras in 1997, but they cost $15,600 and I didn't have one. I have a "real" picture of me by the plane and it must look a lot like Rose on the horse at the end of Titanic before she dies. (You know what I am talking about!)

6. A friend of mine from college and I have been taking Thelma & Louise head shots for the last 16 years. I have a whole album of them reflecting the important moments and not so important moments in our lives. It was really funny in college and now I am obligated to keep it up. We haven't lived in the same state in the last 14 years so we have them weekly for the first years and then a few times a year when we get together. We have them in our wedding dresses, as bridesmaids, in hot tubs, pregnant, babies in our laps, many different landmarks. It is funny and yet sad at the same time to see how our wrinkles are progressing. I'm looking forward to getting our first picture with Kate at the end of the month.

Thelma & Louise on the Disney Boardwalk with her Hubby in the background (me pregnant before gaining 40 more pounds), At our friend's wedding in Birmingham - unplanned both wearing sleeveless dresses in February to an outside reception and the introduction to flat irons, and Sea World when my 15 month old Big Guy pointed to every plane in the sky and never saw one dolphin. The wedding and first baby ones are more interesting, however, lack of digitals way back then makes it too much trouble to post. Thank your lucky stars none of the college ones are available online. They are frightening even without our very thick eyebrows.

6 words that describe me:
1. Christian
2. Loyal
3. Busy
4. Tired
5. Jill-of-all-trades (I guess that isn't really a word so make that versatile. Never mind that sounds like I can do really strange yoga poses and believe me, after my Pilates class this morning, I know it isn't even close to being true.)
6. Compassionate

Thanks for thinking of me, Angela. It was hard to come up with random things, and yet everything about me is very random. If I am ever tagged again I hope I remember to write about the time I crashed a wedding or got kicked out of Six Flags.

I tag Amanda. She looks so pretty in her pictures and I am curious about how she got green skin!


MCK Mama said...

First off, I must say I LOVE how my In Real Life Friends have discovered your blog and love it as much as I do. I must have the same tastes as my friends. Amanda and Angela and I met at MOPS a while back.

Second, I played a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz.

Third, I hate to fly, but I do it all the time and that's so cool that your first "date" with your husband was on HIS plane!

Fourth and final, this was SO fun and interesting and well-written, per usual. Thanks!

Laura said...

Loved reading your random facts! I feel for you at your inlaws in WI with no air. My inlaws in Minn. don't have air either...and we were there in July last summer! I also have a brother (4 years older, in Seattle) who I rarely see. Maybe your husband can get a twin engine...or one of those Cirrus planes from Duluth that all have parachuttes! At least he isn't looking to move to a neighborhood with an air strip like my husband was!

Angela said...

You are such a good sport.

#4 made me laugh out loud.

You always make me laugh out loud. I mean, when you are TRYING to- I mean that in a nice way!! ;)

Amanda said...

I've been SO busy lately, I finally just read your blog for the first time in a few days and noticed you tagged ME. Wow! I feel honored! :) I'm not sure I'll get around to it tonight, but be watching for it tomorrow...

By the way, I SO enjoyed reading this and it seriously made me laugh...You're style of writing is so witty, yet so real. I think all us mother's can relate to you somehow. :)