Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hasta la Vista, Baby

I think I said in an earlier post that this was coming and it would be terribly uninteresting. I don't like to disappoint.

Let's hope this will be my last Mexicana post. The beginning of this month was a busier time than usual for me (and others) preparing for an event honoring teachers and staff at our preschool. It was a catered dinner for teachers, spouses and anyone else connected to the school that wanted to come. There was entertainment, trivia, gifts, pinatas, tributes, etc. Even though it was on the 8th, it had a Cinco de Mayo theme. So that is why I have so many pictures of Mexican children. I took pictures of each of the 22 graduating Kindergarten students and they put out 8x10s of them at the dinner. I also made the annual DVD that was played at the end of the evening. It was the first time I had made one to that extent and it took forever trying to perfect it to my liking. I wasn't sure if 15 minutes was too long and tried to cut it down as much as I could and had to delete a lot of my good pictures. I also tried to make sure if a family was attending their child was in the show a few times. I later heard that everyone loved it so I was relieved. I think the friend that had it set up to play got the credit and people thanked him for making it. Oh, did I mention that I wasn't even there that evening? Yeah, that is the bummer of the whole thing. The Big Guy's new school had a new parent orientation so I couldn't miss that. I might have missed a detail about what color notebook to buy or where my school sticker should go on the car.

Anyway, I'm glad the work of that dinner is behind us. I just got the date for next year and don't even want to think about topping this year yet. I am on the Board as treasurer for this PTA-ish type group and will be somewhat responsible for that dinner among other big events for at least another year. It should be a lot easier now that we know what we are doing and I am not pregnant or having a baby.


MCK Mama said...

Oh, Mexicana photos WITH A PURPOSE. The best kind, really. Are you SURE you don't want to add another baby to your plate?

Angela said...

Those are great pictures, Lisa. I've gotta try that- stick a little sombrero on my little baby girl- the crazy one- oh, what fun she would have with it. i am sure she would find a way to turn it into a climbing stool.

Laura said...

Love it! Maybe you could take a picture of your kids with this Mexicana get up every year on Cinco de Mayo! Show their age progression...along with the old familiar sombrero, serape, and m'stash!

Somewhere along the years, I got Joe's family to start an annual "Calvin" photo. Remember Calvin and Hobbes? Calvin made lots of goofy faces, so we always have a group shot with everyone making goofy faces! People think (er, realize) we're nuts! Here he is at his best!

Mary C said...

I love your mexican pictures. The mustaches are the best. I am majorly impressed with your work on that dinner. I bet the video was so cute!

Kristi said...

I too loved the pics!! :-) Thanks for sharing that FUN!