Saturday, May 10, 2008

MomBlog Ads

I was home alone with Baby Girl earlier in the week while the boys were at school. I turned on the news and ended up watching a Today Show segment about Mommy Bloggers. I learned that I missed a cocktail hour in New York for us MomBloggers. Shoot. I really would enjoy a trip to New York and a cocktail. I also learned that I need to ramp up the advertising to start making some real money if Hubby is to quit his job and not travel anymore. They didn't say that I had to have good content or excellent writing ability so I will just ignore that part for now. I have a feeling that my little Google Ad to the right is not going to cut it.

Which leads me to talk about my little Google Ad. I'm sure it goes unnoticed by most although it provides me with much entertainment. Sometimes I am a little shocked and have to wonder what have I been writing about! Other times I feel it is speaking right to me and is showing me just where to click for the help I need. How cruel that they made me agree to not click on it when I signed up.

I have been keeping a list of favorite ads that I have seen on my page. Here are a few:

Baby Life Insurance - Although it may seem like I might kill them at any moment, I would never (I love the little rascals).
Husband watches wife - What are they implying? He has been gone too much to watch me.
Teeth whitening secrets - woops too much Diet Coke?
Chicoago dentist -think you need braces? - must have seen my Little guy's cross bite
There have been various dental ads - it is true, lots of teeth coming and going in our family
Atlanta Apartments
- I don't know if moving out would be the solution for me.
Protective Underwear - Not a bad idea!
Local babysitters - Even better than the protective underwear idea!
Hair Loss - from my haircut post...painful to see this ad.
Security - This must be from my post about being able to take 17 five year olds in a fight.
Blogger Adsense - My Blog is so random they can't come up with a subject.
Baby Room Themes - The Boys' sticker covered furniture...that would be a white trash theme

I'm glad I didn't break it with my Banana Pants posts.

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Kristin said...

I saw the "Husband Watches Wife" one the first time I checked your blog and wondered what was going on over here.

Do they pay you for that ad?