Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Night Downtown

We have the best Baby Girl in the world. I'm sure a lot of people think that. Unless they have only boys and don't have a girl, of course.

We were out on the town tonight. Not a big town, but a fun night for all of us. We met friends downtown and listened to live music. The kids ran around, the adults drank wine. I saved a friend's child from going home with another family and was a hero in my own mind. It was a great time by all. Chips. Dip. Light-up sticks. More wine. Just plain fun for an old woman that doesn't get out that much. I love the simple life. :-) I also love all the talk of the upcoming Fall college football season, but that is just me.

The reason I say we have the best baby girl, other than the obvious reasons, is that she normally goes to bed at 6PM. Okay, that in itself is enough to lover her. We kept her out partying until 10:30PM tonight on the Village Green and she never cried or fussed. LOVE HER. She was passed around a bit because her 17 lbs gets heavy for this Mama's arms plus others wanted to love on her. She was cute jumping up and down to the music, I must say.

The party should have been over earlier, but several of the 6 year olds insisted on helping the clean up crew load all the tables and chairs. My friend commented that they were doing convicts' work. At the time I thought that was real funny (must have been the wine). Now I am wondering why there are still toys all over my foyer blocking the front door to my house. Why isn't he that motivated to clean up at home?

The kitchen is dirty and the grass is long. Oh well. I don't care now. Hope you all are having a great weekend.


Laura said...

That's our kind of night. Simple life IS the best!

BG's disposition is so sweet and good! Maybe it means she wants a younger sibling! :)

We have the same problem with our "convicts". They will spend hours weeding someone else's yard or stacking 100s of chairs at church...when we have their toys ("people rollers") all over the living room! Hmmm, I guess I better work on that.

Mary C said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great time. There's nothing like good friends and a little wine. Or a lot of wine.