Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Banana Pants

Sorry, it sounds bad.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that said in my home. Oh what the heck, while I am wishing, make it $100. My four year old says it all the time to everyone including his baby sister. I'm not sure where it came from or where he picked it up. Considering he says "vijulay" all the time, he may have made it up. He cackles when he says it and I'm not really sure if it is a term of endearment or a insult. It could be a combination.

My six year old has graduated to making people say "under where?" so he can say "I made you say underwear!" Both of them think it is hysterical.

My sense of humor must be dulled by now because I really don't think any of it is funny. After 5,634 times of hearing it, it loses its charm.

Yep, still cranky. My biggest-loser, self-inflicted diet is not making me any less rigid. I'm also tired from the Little Guy being up all night and early morning sick. Pajama Day! Our favorite! It is actually mixed up pajama day with Red Flannel Christmas PJ bottoms and Camouflage top. It isn't pretty and probably not that comfortable. Maybe I'm not so rigid after all (or have simply given up) because that doesn't bother me at all and my house is a disaster area (bothers me a little). I do wish he would stop saying banana pants, though.

Note: I just Googled "Banana Pants" and found many different things. None would have been where he got it or at least I hope not!


Anonymous said...

Use Idaho or equivalent potatoes- 4 lge
Yellow onion 1-lge
Celery (fresh) 1 stalk
Hard boiled eggs 2
Bay Laurel leaves -3
Black Pepper
Lemon- 1 sm sliced
Mild mustard (optional)

I a lrge saucepan fill 3/4 way with water and add bay leaves and lemon slices.
Then boil peeled potatoes until they are still slightly firm, but not hard.
Warning: Bay leaves are not digestible! Make sure the leaves are removed and discarded, as well as the lemon slices.

Chop up boiled eggs and place in mixing bowl

Finely chop onion and celery and add to mixing bowl. Mix in salt, pepper, paprika
and basil to taste.

Potato Salad

Cut boiled poataoes into bite sized portions and add to bowl after allowing them to cool for about 10-15 min.

Spoon out enough mayo to cover salad and if you wish stir in I tblsp mustard for extra flavor and creamy color.Then mix it into salad and place bowl into fridge to chill until ready to serve.

Lisa said...

Wow. Thanks for your comment. I always love to hear a good recipe. Unfortunately, I don't cook anything that doesn't go in the microwave and have less than 2 steps. I'm not sure that this would be on my loser diet anyway. I would have to load up on the mayo. And thanks also about the Bay leaf warning. We certainly don't need any more stomach issues around here...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, my daily dose of sarcasm, wit, and cranky mama. That is, another cranky mama besides myself. I really was one today! Mabye it was the bay leaves I ate.

My mind isn't sick enough. I didn't think banana pants was bad until I read your first line. Oh, yeah. I will rack my brain trying to think of where he came up with it. Sorry to say, I think it's funny. If he comes to my house, I will let him say it. Okay, after a few thousand times, I guess it would get old. But anyway.