Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tornados, Rude Boys and Major Randomness

Hi Mom! I'm so happy every time I see you!

We survived the tornado warning tonight. Hubby is off to Virginia and I was in the basement with the kids glued to the weather. The trash was out and I was mainly worried about a storm blowing our grass clippings down the street. Worse would be in the neighbor's yard. I just don't need something else on my to-do list. My ever-optimistic husband said if it was a bad enough storm, it would just blow it all away and I wouldn't have to worry about it.

We were on a clean up mission. Wait, I mean I was on a clean up mission this evening. I wanted to try to see what the counter tops look like because I had forgotten. I made a very small dent in the clutter. I found my boys with coloring books (why do we have so many?) all over the kitchen floor. I mean ALL over the floor spread out. I said something like "this looks like a big mess we have here" and my Big Guy said "Yes. It is embarrassing." My Mom called about that time and ran off the list of items they destroyed at her house today. We dropped by around lunchtime and I let her feed Baby Girl. I fell asleep on her couch for about 10 minutes and wanted to stay there forever. The boys were upstairs in a room with some toys and apparently they were left unattended too long. The little one laughed and said a sarcastic "sorry" over the phone to her so we had to hang up and get our act together. Mommy was not happy with the disrespect. "You will finish those strawberries, call her back and say it the right way." He did and Big Guy had a nice long conversation about how he didn't know the chair was broken and he was so sorry. The Big Guy was well behaved today - shocker. He seemed a little down when I picked him up from school an hour early. This is his last week and they are picked up before lunch. He knows the end is coming and is feeling sad about it. He doesn't like for his routine to be disrupted and I guess he would rather eat his lunch at school.

I had a few questions about my work thing. I have had some before too so I thought I would put it here while I was passing through. I work part time out of my home managing financial accounts, bookkeeping and various things of that nature. My own family has never been able to really figure it out so I don't bother giving specifics anymore. It is a lot of money for other people moved here and there, tracking things, spreadsheets and working with CPAs. I have an office that I went to more before I had the Big Guy. It is just a little office with a desk, computer and filing cabinets. I only go there because I have to switch out my files or leave things to be filed, etc. I think other people sit in there during the week if they run out of space. I usually am there on the weekends a couple of times a month and not during business hours. I worked in this office when I was right out of college and right before I became a Mom so I know a lot of people there. I am not productive if I run into all of them and we have to catch up. How much I work depends on what time of year it is. Tax season is crazy even though I am not doing actual taxes for people. I might work 5 hours one week and 25 the next. It feels like a lot more than it is. I work in little chunks throughout the day and am up late working at least one night a week. My boys have been in school 3 mornings a week at the same time until Noon and I work a lot during that time. Lately, I have felt like I want to just quit. I have more going on than ever before and I'm tired of keeping up with it. Most of the time I just do what I do without anyone bothering me (or knowing how behind I am) and then all of a sudden I will have this major deadline in a short time frame and that is a pain. I've never felt I wanted to quit before so that is interesting. I don't make quick decisions so I will stick it out for a lot longer. It is a good set up so I hate to lose it. I think a lot about hiring a babysitter all day once a week and having dedicated time to concentrate on it without interruption. I could get so much more done. I just think of it and don't act because of our disposable babysitter problem and I have been having too much fun with Baby Girl to turn her over to anyone else.

It won't be that long before I have 2 of my children in school most of the day and maybe it won't be such a burden. I have no big plans at this time for life after children. After all, I am starting all over this year with a baby. I enjoy working yet I hope I don't ever have to join the corporate world again.

I'm going to sleep now. I'm sure anyone who started reading this is has dozed off by now. I'm putting myself to sleep.


MCK Mama said...

Awwww, sweet: "Having too much fun with Baby Girl to turn her over to anyone else." I can relate! I'd have too much fun with that Most Excellently Adorable Mohawk The World Has Ever Seen.

Now, get some sleep...I am going to, too! I promise.

Kristin said...

Thanks for clearing up (?) the office job. And speaking of clearing up (and cleaning up), you and I were on similar missions. We had to clean up because we were having company...Merry Maids. You know it's bad when you are cleaning for the cleaners.