Friday, May 2, 2008


Let's hire a babysitter and go out for dinner tonight.

Let's go to Houston's and get my favorite cheeseburger. It is the best thing EVER.

It will be so much better than the Oreos I had for dinner last night. Don't worry, I had a vitamin and I am trying to eat as much as possible before tomorrow (more on that later).

I want my own dessert - I don't want to share tonight. Something simple like the hot fudge brownie will do.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, I'll go with you? Is hubby still out of town? Or did the two of you really get to go? I want my own dessert, too and I wouldn't even care if it was "just" Oreos. And what, on earth, is tomorrow? You're running a marathon or something crazy, I just know it. And then I will have to hate you.