Sunday, May 25, 2008


We are still recuperating from our week of year-end activities and graduation. I know you are as bored of reading about it as these little graduates look.

The Big Guy has been sad about leaving his friends and school. He has been going to school in our church since before he can remember as a one year old. He is nervous about 1st grade and is convinced they do nothing fun there. On his last day of school he got in the car and said "I don't care about our party tomorrow. I just want to stay in Kindergarten forever and I think I am going to cry." That about made me cry. It will be a big transition for all of us.

Our Summer starts after this holiday weekend full steam ahead. So, we will get over it all and look forward to fun stuff coming up. Don't go thinking you are getting out of more graduation photos, though. I have nothing else to write about and I took 1,000 pictures that night. I can't say a single one of them is really good, but half of a picture is in focus in about 5 of them.


MCK Mama said...

Love the boy pulling the tassel on the mortarboard of the girl in front of him! I'd be bored sitting up there, too, but they sure look cute!

Mary C said...

How sweet they look! What the Big Guy said about made ME want to cry!

4under3 said...

Oh..that is sad. What your little graduate said. I remember feeling the SAME way about kindergarten. In fact, the first day of First grade, I went into my old Kindergarten class hoping no one would notice me trying to take the grade over again. Needless to say, my favorite teacher in the whole world (the only teacher I'd had by that time) kindly walked me down to my new class. And, I ended up loving that grade too.

Regardless, I can't wait to see more grad pictures.

Kristin said...

Bored? These are so darn cute, are you kidding?!

Amanda said...

That picture is HILARIOUS!