Thursday, May 8, 2008

Get away from me

and don't call me Banana Pants anymore.

Thanks to Mary C for clearing up that Banana Pants came from the Upside Down Show. Every Saturday morning at 7 am I roll over on request and feel for the right buttons on the remote for Noggin. They don't get to watch TV during the week so they don't miss a Saturday morning waking me up. I believe The Upside Down Show is what is on so I'm sure she is right.

Tonight at dinner, Baby Girl was called Banana Head. I know the back of her head is a little flat, but she doesn't like tummy time and I don't think she looks like a banana at all. She is going to be so confused. My Mom told me that my Big Guy was talking to her and telling her that his name was his brother's name.


Mary C said...

Your kids are beautiful.

I don't know why, but your picture looks so familiar to me. I don't know if I think I know you or if it's just because I think you look like Campbell Brown!

Anonymous said...

Her head doesn't look flat AT ALL and I don't like the taste of bananas so here's wishing ALL banana talk would stop. But, if it doesn't, I guess you could focus on the fact that this could be worse. Somehow.

Tiffany said...

Oh, but for one second, think about this--What if Baby Girl wasn't telling her Big Brother to stop all the Banana Pants nonsense? What do you seriously think she's trying to convey here? Because, honestly, the way she's looking at him is WAY.TOO.CUTE!!

p.s. I too roll over at the request of turning on cartoons. And I really appreciate the fact that they don't know how to turn it on by themselves yet.