Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Night Update without Uma

I'm off to bed and thought I better just clear the air on my blog. I don't want to ever lie or misrepresent myself. You know I like to keep it real. Although, I did think of starting a completely fictional blog because it would be so much more interesting if I could make up some stuff. Anyway, I have never before in my life woken early to exercise. I sleep until the absolute last minute always. I reset my alarm clock over and over every morning as I think of steps in my routine I can skip (i.e. shower) in order to make it on time. My Hubby and I worked together 11 years ago before we were married and we would go to work at 7 am so we could leave at 4 pm to work out. That is the closest thing I can count to being crazy and you have to remember that we were courting and probably had some new lease on life or something. Speaking of misrepresentation, isn't that what dating is all about? Neither one of us have voluntarily gotten up early since we have been married.

I have finally come close to that age where you don't care too much about what you look like when you go out. I haven't gone out with pink rollers in my hair yet, but I'm sure I looked equally as scary this morning. I did put concealer under my eyes so no one would mistake me for the walking dead. Waking up early makes me sick to my stomach and always has. I didn't eat anything and felt like I could throw up pretty much the whole time I was there. I have felt bad all day and took a nap this afternoon. All in all I think it was not a smart move on my part because I had not slept enough. I was able to run some errands this morning while the boys were in school instead of working out, however, I wasn't any more productive than usual. I only did it because I am on the team and we made each other do it. I would never be a no-show to someone that was waiting on me so that is the real reason I did it.

On a totally different note, I watched the end of The Bachelor tonight. I haven't watched that show in many seasons and if I have ever come across it, I like to go on and on about the problem with it and why it will never work, she is crazy and he is a dufus, etc. So, I was half paying attention while I paid bills, filled out school forms and got ready for tomorrow (so I can sleep late). I did stop and watch the end and I hate to admit this, but I felt a little teary when he proposed. Am I so weak from this morning that I have totally gone soft? Of course, it will never work out. I give it less than a year. Maybe I am glad the producers finally have a good ending so they can pretend like it will work out. She was a total actress.

I need to send an email to Uma before I go to bed. I need to somehow think of something positive to say as a reply to her email that told me I was in the poor body fat percentage range. Somehow, "Thank you for telling me that!" does not seem appropriate.


Amy Jo said...

that's serious commitment to your team to get up at 5:30 and then feel ill the rest of the day. You are more loyal or determined or something (crazy?)that i am. Hope you get the results that you are looking for to make it all worth it!

Kristin said...

Thank you for trying to make the rest of us feel better, but it's too late; we've got your number, exercise fiend. :)