Saturday, May 3, 2008

Biggest Loser

I took this picture on my son's school playground. How does she know to do that? Hmmm.

Anyway, today I joined a team challenge at my gym for a summer slimdown contest. They haven't announced what the grand prize will be and it better be money or I don't think I will have enough incentive. It needs to be enough to compensate me for waking a sleeping baby, parking a mile away and dragging three kids in the pouring rain in to my mandatory meeting this morning.

My body is feeling as back normal as it is going to get after a few kids and I'm ready to try and get the rest of Baby Girl-weight off. I would be totally fine with losing 20 lbs, but am willing to be gaunt and go to 30 if it means winning some money.

I am on a team with 5 other people and know two of them really well. We got a t-shirt and a journal and are supposed to work with our team for 12 weeks to reach our goals. The weigh-in and "before" picture were not as humiliating as I expected. The only problem is that I think my teammates may be too skinny. There is another team I scoped out with larger people. I believe they may go by body weight loss percentage so maybe we are okay. I realized after talking with my teammates about our plan of action that this may take a lot of exercise and not eating as much. Work. I am already feeling hungry and have a headache. I never did get my Houston's hamburger....I did eat the rest of the oreos, though. The babysitter actually comes in a hour and I am going out with a friend for some fun. If we happen to go to a movie, I hope I don't fall asleep. She is one of my teammates so I am guessing we won't eat anything good. That is her daughter in the middle so you can see with an offspring with that much personality we are sure to have fun. (sidenote: That is also the little girl that my Big Guy got Baby Girl's name from.)


Kristin said...

That picture of the girls is too funny. And I feel I have to say look so darn cute! Where are those 30 pounds gonna come from??? Sheesh! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, so THAT'S her! What an adorably spunky little reverse namesake!

Kristi said...

Wow...that sounds like quite the adventure...keep us posted!!

Hope you had a fun night out!!