Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yard Clean Up and Randomness

Yesterday was yard clean up day for us. That mostly consists of mom and dad going around the house and yard finding all the naughty things the boys have done when they were supposed to be playing outside and we weren't looking. We found the usual: paper plates, large legos, piles of sticks, bricks that had been thrown and broken, dirt in my flower pots dumped out and lots of trampled flowers and plants. It is only the holes dug deep into the grass that ever makes Dad mad. :-)

You are looking at Hubby doing an amputation on a tree next to our house. We bought that tree when it was about 4 inches high for $4. There are two of them that were moved around our yard through out the years before settling next to our house (only because they are too big to move now). They are almost as tall as our house now.

Today, there was suffering from allergies from all that outside-ness yesterday. Except for me - I went to my office and got some work done uninterrupted. I had not been away from my children for at least a couple of weeks or more and was due some time alone. I work part time from home (although I have an office elsewhere). I manage financial accounts and do some bookkeeping among other things. I won't say anymore than that because my family and people closest to me have never been able to figure out what it is I really do. So, I have just learned not to bother trying to explain it.

I also went to the gym and grocery store. I spent 30 minutes in the medicine aisle trying to figure out how to conquer all allergy symptoms for Hubby in one pill. I came home to feed and put to bed my sweet Baby Girl and made an inadequate dinner for everyone. It was good - just not enough to go around. It is either feast or famine because I never know if the kids will decide to eat on any given day.

I'll leave you with my last thoughts. I hate planning meals and shopping for them as well. I hate putting groceries away and cleaning up after all the non stop meals. I really think I am going to wipe the finish right off of my table soon. I hate cooking. I do, however, love to eat.


Tiffany said...

Finally, someone who hates cooking as much as I do. I love eating food, but just dislike preparing it. And even more, I love eating someone else's food much more than if I make the same thing myself. I guess I'm a restaurant chain's favorite guest.

Kristi said...

I hear you here...I love eating as well but don't love cooking either! Probably because, like you said, the cooking involves so much cleaning up too!!! It can feel like that is all that I do...make meals, give snacks and clean up after it all!!!

Just think...pretty soon the kids will be able to help more, right?? :-)