Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look! It's your Mom!

Picture me hanging over the rail in the blaring bright sun trying to get a picture of my kid walking around a major league baseball field. People in the stands are texting the Coaches letting them know where we are and where to look for pictures. Everyone was so excited for me. And for him. They were yelling at the Big Guy trying to make him look at me. Even this nice Coach-guy is chasing him down to make him look at me so I can get my lovely shot. Like the way he is pointing at my Big Guy and also pointing at me? I think that is so funny. Can't you just hear him telling the Big Guy to look at me? I almost felt bad for Coach-guy running trying to catch up with the Big Guy as he just walked faster and faster to get away. That is my kid and I know he doesn't want me taking his picture. I don't even bother to get his attention anymore (that just makes it worse). He was focused on his moment around the field (or something?) and that is what was important to him. Most of the time he doesn't like a lot of attention to be on him. It really works out better if no one tries to point out his Mom to him so he might accidentally look my direction.

If you ever see me hanging off of something or down on the ground trying to get my perfect shot, don't feel bad when my kids aren't cooperating at all. I wouldn't know what to do if they were still and smiling for me. That wouldn't be a true representation of them anyway. It can be frustrating at times, but more funny than anything else.


Tiffany said...

That is really funny. I can so relate. It is a rarity when my kids look at the camera and put on something other than a furrowed brow. I can just picture you hanging off of something in the stands while trying to get your fanatical mother picture of your uninterested son. And that coach-guy...he's about as funny as it gets.

Angela said...

Super cute! That always happens to me too!