Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Darth Van Gogh

He spent a lot of the afternoon drawing this. There is a very elaborate (and long) story behind what is going on. I thought it was pretty clever, but I am his Mother. That red thing is an Imperial Walker and I think it looks just like it. (Hubby tells me it is an At-At Walker?)

My 6 year old is enthralled with the Star Wars storyline. I don't even know how he has learned about most of it. I found myself answering "I don't know" before he finished his questions today. I don't know the details he asks me about the movie. I especially don't know the names of the funny-looking characters in the movies.

Every day when I pick him up from school he tells me that his buddy wants to come over on a day they have picked so they can watch one of the movies. The Big Guy is very persistent. I will give him that.
He was supposed to be having "quiet time" with his books during the supposed nap time of the Little Guy. I was working on my computer and suddenly he appeared from nowhere. "Can you Google something for me?" I said "WHAT?" He proceeded "Find out how they made Star Wars."

What a different world my children live in. My 6 year old is asking me to Google things. WHAT?

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