Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm not really feeling much like laughing today so I'll just fake it until I make it.

6 month check up for Baby Girl today. She apparently is growing wider than taller. She couldn't have been cuter even if they do think she is a little chunky.

She missed her nap and let me know she didn't like it when we stopped by Trader Joes. She actually does make me laugh a lot. 6 month olds are cute even when they are mad. :-)

I thought I was being such and awesome Mom by starting a meal in the crockpot this morning. I get to go out tonight so I thought I could give everyone a warm lunch since I know Dad will be giving them peanutbutter at dinner. Only the Big Guy would eat a little of it. Not even my husband ate it for lunch. I'm not sure why I bother.


MCK Mama said...

Ugh, sorry about almost no one eating your food. That happens to me and it makes me MAD! But at least your babydoll is gorgeous. And I love wide babies! And Trader Joes...yum.

Amy Jo said...

I go on kicks with the crockpot from time to time. Well, only about 2 "kicks" in the past year. One turned out yummy, (basically taco ingredients thrown all together) and the other one was pretty bad. I gave it all to the garbage disposal, and felt a huge wave of guilt. The starving children in Africa would have eaten it right up, I'm sure. ugh.. the guilt is getting me once again as I think about it.

About the divorce stuff... In almost every situation, except the divorce cake person, the couples I know have split because of different belives and values. People think it'll work because they're in luuuuve, but after a few years, add in a kid, and those differences cause serious problems. Brian and I have been married 7 years. Like you, most of our friends are married with young kids and share our values and belief in God. Brian and I have decided that seems to be the biggest factor in relationships making it or not. No matter that he watches every sport known to man, and my main goal every day is to have a clean house...we have the same core values.

Anyhow...I suppose this would be more appropriate in an e-mail than a comment, since it's the length of a reader's digest article at this point! I enjoy your blog; love the pictures and the way you write. Your Big Guy's questions about the baby crack me up! I'm glad you've got that written down; he's going to laugh in ten years to read about himself.