Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We had Baby Girl baptized yesterday at church. This is our former pastor who baptized both of the boys. He is retired now, but assisted our current pastor. It was really sweet. This man talked to her and told her how special she was and how much her brothers loved her. Our current pastor walked her up and down the aisle holding her way in the air while everyone sang Jesus love you. My Mom and Aunt were worried with her flying in the air. I don't know if they were scared or were worried about her being scared. He has done that with every baby since he has been there so it wasn't exactly a big surprise.

This is the only picture I have. None of the dress or all of us looking so nice or the other preacher. With the first baby we took a million pictures in the lovely courtyard. I wish I had more, but sometimes you have to just live in the moment and not be the photographer. A friend did video everything and it is more important to hear what was said anyway. We got out a little early and there was a downpour of rain. We had lunch with some family and friends and I think my 6 year old said something about all of that not mattering. I think he alluded to her having to make the decision herself one day? I'm thinking he might have actually caught on? I need to talk to him more about that. I have to say that warmed my heart and meant more than anything else to me if he actually understands that a person has to accept Christ themselves and no one else can do it for them. If all of my kids do that, it will make the total destruction of my house and sanity completely worth it.

She received a bible, certificate, banner and a letter to open when she is 10 telling her what happened. I think with the Little Guy's I opened the letter because I could not wait 10 years to find out what it said! The banners are really cute with a little lamb and their name and date sewn underneath. We used to have them hanging outside their bedroom doors until we learned that 2 year old boys can jump up, pull them down and mess them up. It used to be that whenever a baby was baptized in our church and got their banner, my Hubby and I would elbow each other and whisper "until you are two and can destroy this". I'm SURE Baby Girl would NEVER do something like that. ;-)

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MCK Mama said...

That is my prayer for my kids, too: that they will each grow to know Christ personally, as that truly is "what matters." Hearing that your Big Guy is already starting to get that warms my heart, too!

(It's still a gorgeous pic, though...even if it's not of the calibur that you got of your boys. And, no, Baby Girl will never EVER misbehave!)