Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dirty Laundry

It waits for me as always.

Maybe I'll air a little of my own.

The boys are grounded today after last night. I didn't think they had that many toys in their room until I now see them all in the middle of the room. Doesn't matter how many toys - the Little Guy was throwing pictures off the wall at one point while I was putting Baby Girl to bed. I am almost positive that I heard a handful of Hot Wheels being thrown against the wall. I sat there so calmly determined to put her to bed quietly and easily. I think I might have been justified in ripping heads off. The dirty work was all done by the Little Guy, but I know the Big Guy antagonizes him and is just as guilty. He cried when I put him in the bed because he had not brushed his teeth in all of that time. I told him his teeth would have to just rot in his mouth. It was not a very good Mommy-moment for me, I admit. I told the Little Guy he wasted the time I gave him to have his PJs on and now would have to sleep in his clothes. Result: Full-on-bad-enraged-fit (again, by him not me). He isn't one of those kids you can put somewhere and let him calm down either. He chases you down screaming and crying - very hysterical. It is me trying to lock myself behind a door to get away from him. Blah, blah, blah, I ended up putting him in the hallway on the floor to sleep. That's right, folks. I tried some tough love although I wimped out and put him in his bed later.

I just checked on the Little Guy in his room during his quiet time/groundedness and he had broken a chest and was inside of it. You just can't leave these kids alone for a minute. I'm so glad it wasn't anything worse.

He has to sit in the car seat he doesn't like in the car and won't go to baseball tonight, loses toys and privileges - you know the drill. He doesn't care. I'll be so glad when there is something he cares about enough to straighten up. Rewards have been offered to him, punishments inflicted for bad behavior, praise, ignoring him, the whole gamut of parenting tricks that we know of. Not much has been effective. It is tough love for me, I think.

Did I forget to mention the continuous slamming door (him not me). Oh, never mind.

I suppose that is enough of a confession for today.


Kristi said...

Parenting...isn't is just the hardest, most challenging thing EVER?

Hang in there, Lisa...tough love is just TOUGH to practice, isn't it?? It is hard on the heart...

Amanda said...

We have had our fair share of trials with our oldest daughter. She's 4 1/2 now, and seems to "maturing" as she gets closer to 5, but your story about your son reminds me so much of her.

There aren't words to describe her tantrums. Blood curdling screams that make our windows rattle. She'd kick walls, doors, anything within reach. She has slammed doors so hard they've broken off their hinges (this was when she was 3 years old!). I couldn't (up until this year) keep her in her car seat. We bought 3 different seats and she'd find a way to manuveur out of every one (even 5 point harnesses!). When she was younger (before she could get out of her car seat), she'd sit there and SCREAM in the car. SCREAM and SCREAM. It was terrible! I can totally relate with your experiences. If I had time, I could literally write a book of everything we've gone through (and are still going through!).

It is getting better though. How old is your middle boy? As Ella draws closer to 5, things get better and better. I think there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Though I'm not looking forward to high school years!

Tiffany said...

Oh this is so funny!

You know it is too...just not so much while in the midst of it. But you just reread this post in a couple of days.weeks.months and you'll be laughing. Because I am, right now....only because I know exactly how you must have been feeling. I have sent Julia to bed without story and book time because she didn't finish her bedtime routine to my liking.

Tough Love is right. I just wish it wasn't so hard to do.