Friday, April 25, 2008

No Peeking

Stop that, Little Guy!

It's not what you might think. He is facinated with her belly button. He has been interested in it since she came home from the hospital and it looked like... you know. He would ask what was wrong with it all the time and wanted to look at it every chance he got. I don't mind as much as when he asks to see mine.

There were lots of learning opportunities having a baby girl live with us. Especially with all those diaper changes. Both boys would ask me where her (uhhh) "thing" was. I guess I never thought about talking about the differences between girl and boy parts before then. Never had a reason and didn't want to go there if I didn't have to. The Little Guy told me on several occasions that I needed to "take her to the pee-pee and teeth store." It was true. She had neither. He also seems to think she will be able to eat real food (even corn on the cobb) as soon as she gets teeth. He always has an interesting perspective on things.

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