Thursday, April 24, 2008


Is this really good or bad? The average age of my boys is 5 and I am feeling pretty wiped out from trying to get them in bed tonight. Tomorrow I will have to let them know that I can take them out times eight. I think my four year old may be a little tougher than the kids in this quiz.

My day was extremely busy. I'm not sure I sat down more than a few times. Luckily feeding Baby Girl requires me to sit still whether I want to or not. She is just so darn cute and fun I often sit a little longer to play with her. Wednesdays are my day to have 3 1/2 hours without little boys because they are both in preschool. I cleaned, picked up, sorted, folded, scrubed, decluttered, and picked up some more. I had a housekeeper here for a couple of hours and I'm pretty sure I worked harder and did more than she did in the short time she was here. I think it might take a full live-in to keep up with this place. I'm willing to give it a try. Any takers? Hazel? Alice? We would love someone that really enjoys cooking as well as cleaning.

The boys played outside as soon as they got home. They found a couple of new things to destroy in our backyard. My they are creative. I fed them popsicles and fruit non-stop. The door opened every 5 minutes. Typical. I told them they could go outside if they wouldn't get really dirty. Why do I waste my breath? Full on bath required almost every time. There was a total battle with the 4 year old about having to take a bath downstairs instead of upstairs (so as not to wake Baby Girl). A cheesestick was was smashed on the glass window in a fit of anger (his, not mine). By the time I got to it much much later it was totally melted all over the deck. I was going to make him clean it up, but he would probably enjoy it too much anyway. Back to the bath - a huge fight and 10 minutes later he was trying to hold my arms down to kiss me. It is just the way he is. He hopped all the way to his room to get dressed. He hops everywhere. He hopped up and down 45 times in his room (I counted) and all the water he drank earlier sloshed in his stomach very loudly. It was gross. I started feeling a little sick. I begged him to stop, but he thought it was so great. I left him in his room for whatever it is that happens in there and causes 50 Hot Wheels to be lined up on the dresser and very loud yelling. There is also Tony Bennett Christmas music playing in the background from a CD he came across.

Because this post is becoming entirely too long...the short version is The Big Guy while left alone was caught playing with the plunger in the bathroom. He took a bath and it was worth the wasted bottle of shampoo for 30 minutes of entertainment for him. Clothes, Homework, Feed Baby Girl, load everyone in the car. Leave the Little Guy for very last because he takes all my concentrated effort. Church, try to unload everyone while Ms. Pushy tells me I need to pay for gifts for music volunteers, Rush Rush, Bad Church Food, mean old church ladies that sell food tickets, bad food inhaled, very cute program by the Big Guy's choir.

Now lucky for you, I have run out of time and can't tell you about the hijinks of this evening at bedtime. It wasn't pretty.


Mary C said...

That made me tires just reading it! It sounds like life is never boring at your house! :)

Mary C said...

Ok-typo. That did not make me "tires." It made me tireD. Hello.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the hijinks, but glad to hear that...if you really needed could "take" 17 of them. Though, I'm sure, that would not be pretty.

P.S. Where on earth do you come up with this stuff!? :)

Amy Jo said...

Oh my. I don't looking forward to bathtimes now, and if your boys are any indication, it might not get better as my 2 yr. old gets older. There's lots of crying and yelling that goes on. Sometimes laughter and giggles, but it's so unpredictable when it's going to be a "good bath day".

I love that you had a cleaning lady over. I did that 2 weekends ago and worked my tail off. I've never had an adult clean along with me before and it was fabulous! However, everything went back to the normal state of "sorta clean" in 2 DAYS. If only she could come over one hour a day...

BTW, I LOVE the def. of OCD that you thought of. It perfectly describes me!

Kristi said...

You are funny...I love your writing style!!!! Sorry about the rough night!

I may have to see how many 5-year olds I could take on in a fight... :-)