Monday, April 28, 2008

Self Portrait?

I didn't capture the title at the top of this page. It was clearly marked "Self Portrait". The Little Guy was to draw a picture of himself. Simple enough. Wrong - the Little Guy doesn't do simple and especially does NOT do compliance.

I am a proud Mama of anything my kids do in the artistic arena as long is it is kept off my walls an floors. I could see this as version of himself. Eyes may be in the wrong place, but that is okay. Lots of arms and legs and big ears. Okay. Is that a hat or a tumor on top of his head? By now you may have noticed the teacher wrote "a basket with 2 oranges in it". Ohhh. I guess I see that. What is the third thing, though? And is that a hat or a tumor on it?

He must get his artistic ability from me (note below drawing of paddle). Or, he could be the next Van Gogh. I hope he cuts the tumor off and not one of those enormously large ears.

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Kristin said...

I would comment on this, but I am too busy laughing way too hard from your interpretations. :)