Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Foot in Mouth

I am so stupid. For lots of reasons, but I can't stop thinking about something I did and said. I was at the team meeting for my little guy's speech evaluation (the fact that we had to have a meeting is much more stupid than even I am). It was one of the mean county ladies, a very nice lady and a neutral woman that took minutes like a court reporter. I tried to be on my best behavior and just get out of the meeting without crying and without any more red marks going on my son's file. I tried to put on my best happy, positive Mommy face through the whole thing. The mean lady went over the evaluations they conducted line by line and told me at some point that I was a frustrated mother (Me in my head: "#*%!&!" ) and there was nothing wrong with my child. She also said it is not their job to potty train my child. $%^#$#@#%#$^$%^#$%@$@#!^$!!!!!!! Thinking about it now, I was way too nice. I should have lovingly told her that I was frustrated with her and the insensitivity I was shown in our first meeting. I simply said that I did not expect her to potty train anybody and made an appointment strictly for evaluations of speech. I wish I had added that most people don't make an appointment for an evaluation and wait months to have it for fun. If you do that you believe something could be wrong with your child and you are very vulnerable and sensitive. Oh, and I should have said "You are a big bad MEANIE!"

The unfortunate foot-in-mouth incident happened when I was defending myself (again) with a justification why I thought he needed speech therapy. I said he over-enunciates very slowly sometimes because people don't know what he is saying. I told them that he sounds like a deaf person and imitated how he talks sometimes. So, as I was leaving I noticed that the sweet woman had a big thing in her ear and when I thought about it she talked a little like she might have a hearing problem. I can't stop thinking about how stupid that was of me. I certainly didn't mean anything and wasn't making fun of anybody, especially her so I hope it was taken in a negative way. I am confessing here to the world (not that they will see it) with hopes that I can just forget it ever happened. As it turns out, I am just as insensitive as the Meanies.

The good news is that the little guy was super smart on their measuring scale. The bad new is that they told me he is smart enough to know how to control our home.


Angela said...

Is it wrong that I laughed (super hard) at this?

Does that make me an insensitive meanie, too?? !

Kim said...

I too shared a good giggle with this, so shoot me!

It was purely an acdident and you didn't know, gheesh!