Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pinching the Sun

"Sit up. Sit up. All you have to do is sit up. Look at me. Please! Let's just do one picture and we will be done. Do you want to go inside? Do you? Please do what I ask. Don't touch your brother! Just sit next to him and don't touch him. I don't want wrestling in my picture. Come on! Open your eyes. Great smile, but open your eyes! Okay, don't smile and open your eyes. Look here, look here! Sit up. Forget it. I'm going inside."

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Amy said...

That sounds almost like what they have started saying at 'Picture People.'
And at JC Penney last year, the girl (looked too young to be a photog) said, "That's about all I can do with him."
And we haven't been back.
If I had a decent camera, I wouldn't have anyone do their photos but me.
I love the 'pinching the sun' photo you got.
Natural / candid is always better, it is what really captures.