Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby Drowning in Laundry

And you think you have too many clothes?

I couldn't help it. They were all a dollar.

I now have no excuse to keep putting her in her brothers old blue onsies.

She is a chip off the ole block. Drowning in laundry like her Mama.


Anonymous said...

She's getting an early start! And girl clothes for a dollar!? You can't go wrong there!

At first I thought she was sitting up...on her own! But she doesn't do that yet, does she!? Then I saw the pink Bumbo. We have the seafoamgreen one. It's the nastiest color and Maisie doesn't really even like sitting in it. But I will have to try to see if she'll help me with my laundry, though!

Amy Jo said...

Love those photos! She's adorable!