Thursday, April 10, 2008


Future Bowheads of America

I think I have been anti-bow most of my life. I assume she will be too so I am getting a jump start on the cutsey before she decides she would rather wear army boots like her brothers.


Amy Jo said...

How did you get that to stay in her hair? It's cute! My daughter has about the same amount of hair, but I havn't really tried accessorizing. I didn't think there was a chance anything would stay put!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you know I discovered bows for Maisie recently and haven't looked back! I never fancied myself a bow person at all, but after two boys, I am ALL about all that is feminine! I think your little one looks great!!

(Your "i" baby name comment made me smile!)

Angela said...

well, for sure- isn't that one of the best things about having a girl!??!

I was never a big bowhead myself, but you'd better believe my girls have always got their hair in bows. I mean- it is sooo cute. How can you not??