Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pottery Barn Kids

My boys have a big room that they share. I painted it a bright blue and it has lots of primary colors. We bought them dark wood bunk beds (bad idea with the party that goes on every night). They have the PBK quilts with Knights and Dragons (Raising a Modern Day Knight - check it out). My husband painted all the furniture and I had someone paint some art and little pictures on a small table and chairs. Too cute. The perfect room for two little boys.

Fast forward a few years later to my husband in the hallway at midnight while the boys sleep. He is carefully using a razor to remove the Spiderman stickers that covered said cute table. I should have taken a picture earlier, but was probably ranting and raving somewhere. They literally covered every inch including the legs of the tables and chairs. The oldest boy told me he thought that was cooler. It probably was. They have also decorated the walls with their Spiderman posters colored in marker. In the early morning hours when I am still in bed, Hot Wheels are tossed about the room and there are big dents in the nice blue wall. With the bunk beds it is easy to put marks on the ceiling too. You can even put your feet up there if you like! Many of the drawers have buckled under the weight of them climbing up and the window blinds are split and cracked in numerous places. They poked a hole in the window screen and luckily hubby repaired that. I won't go into the defecation that has taken place in that blue room and totally expect the mirror on the dresser to be cracked within the next couple of years. Every month they decide they want to redecorate and take all the cutesy pictures off the wall and move them around. This further bangs up the walls and the nails end up getting pushed into the drywall never to return. They definitely have a style of their own. And I get to work on my patience and need for control. It all works out in the end.

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