Thursday, April 3, 2008

Danger Danger: Fruit

My friend that suggested I bag my Legos has been warning me about the Salmonella problem with cantaloupes from Honduras. Extra scrubbing and steps are needed to eat one. I told her I didn't have time for that and I would buy the chunks precut in a bowl at the grocery store. She suggested I talk to the manager about how they clean their fruit first. I thought to myself - if I had time to track down the manager and discuss it, I can just wash the thing myself. So, I am instead going to go on strike from cantaloupes to save some time in my life. I got the following email from her and have reprinted it below unedited.

I was in Publix and I noticed their cantelopes are from Honduras. So I asked to speak to the produce Mgr. He said there was only one distributor/supplier from Honduras who had problems with salmonella with cantelopes. The only Publix store who received from that source was in south Florida. (That info..just one supplier from Honduras had the problems was also stated in the AJC article.) I then reviewed the safe washing procedure. He agreed scrub in water with a produce brush. Then put in refrigerator overnight before cutting. The 40 degree refrig. temp kills salmonela as well as other germs. He claims when they cut cantelopes, they wash first with fruit wash solution (don't know if they use brush).Then they refrig. overnight. and if they cut up, do so at that time. I bought a whole one today and washed with produce brush and put in refrig. overnight. I will cut up tomorrow. I will bring us some Mon. for lunch.

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