Friday, April 4, 2008

No Presents Please

This is a link to some information I found about no pressure easy birthdays if you are interested.

I'm glad to have my birthdays behind me for a little while. Baby girl will have her first in October and then it is celebrations through New Years Day. Implementing the parties stress me out and I am usually relieved to have them behind me. I think I will be able to get away with just a family-only party for her.

This is the bear cake I made for the Big Guy's first birthday. It wasn't an out-of-control party by any means, but enough for me to handle. I had a bakery running out of my kitchen before I could stop myself. I wasn't able to make this same cake for son #2 until his second birthday and it was slapped together pretty quickly. I just knew one day he would look back and feel unloved if he had not had the same cake. The first several years I made and decorated all the cakes myself. I thought this great act of service would make it much more special. I have since learned that kids prefer the store bought cakes and the tackier the better.

Fast Forward 5 years later to the 6th birthday: chocolate cake and icing, chocolate chip sprinkles and a big fat Darth Vader candle. He loved it.

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Amy Jo said...

You actually made that teddy bear cake? I thought it was a stuffed animal sitting on top of cookies. That is some serious frosting talent. I am flabbergasted, actually. And I cringe to think how much time you must have spent on that lovely cake.

Although a stuffed animal surrounded by cookies would take the whole birthday cake to a new level. Definitly a lower level. A very stress-free level.