Wednesday, April 9, 2008

6 Months and 1 week

This is the Big Guy a few weeks in age younger than Baby Girl is right now. He was a pro crawler by now. He was the typical first born overachiever walking at 9 months.

Not that I am trying to compare...I just think it is interesting.

Baby Girl can't even sit up on her own. I put her in the Bumpo seat and she slumps over to the ground trying to grab her toes. Or, she cries.

Things she can do: be really cute, play peek-a-boo with a burp cloth, kick her legs and bounce her bouncy seat up and down wildly, chew her big toe.

With the third child I am really glad she isn't crawling yet. Life is going to change soon when we have to be strict about scoping the floor for loose legos and marbles. We will have to be concerned with the stairs for another season of our lives.

I have mostly been encouraging her to just grow her hair so I think that is what she is concentrating on as of late.


Diana said...

oh, she's a cutie. Yeah, after the first you dread the crawling/walking stages...I know I did!
Thanks for stopping by my site, i'll be here to visit and read, always good to find new people!

Anonymous said...

Oh, 6 month old crawlers are SO overrated. MAN, I can' believe your first babe was crawling by now. Uffda. I'd say growing hair and working on being so gosh darn cute is all she needs to do right now! Maisie and her would be in about the very same boat at this point in their lives.

Angela said...

I am having the complete opposite experience with our 3rd... really- she's a crazy little girl. My first born didn't walk until almost 15 months. Our 3rd was running by 10 months!

Anyway- she has got to be the cutest little thing that baby girl of yours!

Kristi said...

She IS so sweet and cute!!! :-)

And, I totally agree...with my third I was HOPING that he didn't walk/crawl early. Once they start THAT, there is just no "going back" is there???